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by Shaara
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Fantasy · #1960697
When a young witch decides to get solar panels, it seems like a good idea until . . .
The Downside of Solar Panels, 2013

Because witch practitioner, Martha Zoom, believes in ecology (and because she needs to save money,) she decides to get solar panels placed atop her small cottage. Although the salesman tries to talk her out of it because she resides beneath a towering pine that blocks out a great deal of her sun, Martha persists.

With the help of a little witchcraft, the solar panels do produce energy, and Martha is exceedingly pleased . . . until she discovers that the heat in the panels attracts most unwelcome visitors -- ghosts.

The ghosts not only disturb Martha's contentment with their constant wailing and complaining, but they're robbing her of all her energy -- in spite of the spells she casts. As if that's not enough complication, a series of most unwelcome guests start dropping in, completely disrupting Martha's solitary life. The worst visitor is the warlock with a contract signed by the High Council.

But life gets even more complicated when a dream demands that she journey forth to save her mother and the father she's never met.

Voyage with me into the land of wizards, warlocks, werewolves, bats, vampires . . . and dragons.

Can Martha find a solution that will revitalize her solar panels?

Can she get rid of her ghostly pests?

Can she escape from the contract approved by the High Council?

Can she find out what happened to her mother?

Can love exist even for a very solitary-minded witch?

Ghosts, witches, werewolves, vampires, and a dragon . . .

what's a modern day ecologist supposed to do

when life gets more and more disturbingly complicated?


Martha Broom Zoom, age 20

Warlock Penbrook (Sean,) age 29

Sedwick Casper, vampire esquire, age 129 or 32, depending on how time is viewed

Brian & Kelly Shelly, brother and sister werewolves

And the following cast of ghosts:

~~ Charlie Matter - former math teacher, died from a heart attack while jogging

~~ Philip Beetle - former businessman, hit by a badly tossed morning paper

~~ Samantha Higgins -- former teenager, auto accident (while talking on her cell phone)

~~ Francine Tilman - former librarian, died in her sleep because she accidentally took one too many sleeping pills

Plus the two familiars:

~~ A youngling bat named Chocolate
~~ A cantankerous cat named Boil who belongs to Martha's mother, Witch Broom Helda.

Na No 2013: Started on November 1, 2013

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