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An encounter with a deer in the wild strikes love in a lonesome heart.
A doe emerged from a clearing
straight toward me one morning
where I had stopped by a stream
to splash water on my groggy face.

'I didn't expect you here, lady --
you beautiful deer,' I thought.
She seemed to take note of me,
never broke stride in her approach.

In the adjacent inlet, she dipped
her head to lick from the spray
of the ample flowage of spring
to commune with a lone man.

What I could say to you now.
How your presence startled
my heart to love a trusting creature,
normally shy and reclusive.

In the still, cool air I watched.
Perhaps, you hadn't caught
my scent. Slowly, I hunkered
down to squat in admiring awe.

Your coat caught a glint, dappled
by shadows inside a glowing horizon,
as my heart swelled with joy
that you chose this place...and me?

Your nimble legs...
A loud shot rang out high above
our heads. Hooves slid
over the watery shoal.

Your tail flashed white,
raised high; though your kin
could not see, as you fled
back through the shadowed trail.

I still yearn to know,
for which my devotion depends,
was it dichromatic vision, or
did you choose once to coexist...with me?

Veiled, a question only one could answer...assigned by silence now.
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