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A teen-age girl is stuck on a Ferris Wheel with a stranger she will resent. Second Place.
Prompt: You are at the Fair on a Ferris Wheel with a stranger. Suddenly, you are stuck at the top and then-

Kathy Epperton had to sit by herself on the Ferris Wheel. Her friends were on another seat and Kathy took the last one. Suddenly, a beautiful woman, a few years older then her was seated next to her. The Ferris Wheel started up and Kathy wanted to be alone. The Ferris Wheel went around twice and Kathy was stuck at the top with this woman. She heard the man running the ride say the Ferris Wheel was stuck. Kathy groaned.

"Today has been a great day and now this. My boyfriend's divorce became final today and now the day ends like this. We are getting married next week on a good note."

Kathy pushed back her long red hair and looked at the woman. "Your boyfriend's divorce is final today? So is my mother's marriage. Wait, Who are you?" Kathy whispered.

"I'm Jenna McNair. Who are you?"

"Kathy Epperton. You are the whore my father left my mother for. You are a few years older then me. You home wrecker! I hate you!"

"Kathy, your mother had affairs on your father and has a drinking and drug problem. I was there for your father and we fell in love."

"My mother doesn't drink or have a drug problem. She never cheated on my father. My mother is home drinking tonight because she has a broken heart. You bitch!"

"Kathy. I am sorry that you are hurting. I want to get to know you. Your father and I love each other very much."

Kathy looked down on the ground and saw her father groping and kissing a red head. She giggled. "Oh, yeah? If he loves you so much, why is he kissing and groping that red head?"

Jenna trembled. She yelled: "Lyman, why are you kissing her? You love me and are going to marry me! Don't do this! Please!" Jenna stood up and she got dizzy and lost her balance and fell screaming to the ground. Everyone on the Ferris Wheel was horrified and the other people on the ground were, too. A beautiful woman was lying on the ground and her neck was broken and she was dead.

Kathy smiled and sat back on the Ferris Wheel seat. Her father didn't cheat on Jenna. The man kissing the red head was her father's twin brother. Her father loved Jenna and wanted to marry her. Kathy had been so angry but wasn't anymore. No more Jenna. Lady Luck was on her side and revenge was so sweet.
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