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Simon tries to make up with Gloria, but Gordy comes to her rescue.
Chapter 9

I was out shopping in the town and I decided to call at The Coffee Bar before heading home. I sat drinking a glass of cola, feeling depressed about the incident with Simon. I hoped I would find a familiar face to cheer me up, but none of my friends were in there. Gordy pulled up outside on his motorcycle. Although Gordy is not my favourite person, perhaps his brash attitude might cheer me a little.

         Gordy walked in and looked over at me. "Bloody hell you're looking glum, are you missing him that much?" he said.

         "Missing who?"

         Gordy laughed. "It's all right. If you've come here on the off chance of meeting soldier boy, you're in luck. I just rode past him; he should be here in a bit."

         "That's all I sodding need."

         Gordy gave another laugh as he walked past me and over to the counter where he began talking to two lads from Middlefield.

         I looked at Gordy standing with the lads and felt a little disappointed he had decided not to sit with me. It was almost as if he were just abandoning me to the company of Simon. I turned and looked towards the door just as Simon walked in. He smiled at me, but I looked away. He walked over and was about to sit opposite me.

         "If you sit there, I'll get up and leave."

         "All right, I'll just stand here then, but we do need to talk, don't we?"

         I ignored him. I had no wish to talk to him. I didn't even want to be in the same room as him.

         "What can I say, what can I do to make it up to you? I'm really so very, very sorry about what happened last night."

         "I'm not interested, Simon. Just go away and leave me alone."

         I noticed Gordy was looking over, grinning, and taking an interest in the conversation.

         "You know what I'm like when I've had a few too many," Simon said. "I admit it was a terrible thing to do, but it was a mistake, it meant nothing."

         "Meant nothing! It didn't mean nothing to me, Simon. Do you know how much you hurt me? Do you know how much you humiliated me?" My voice was full of frustration and emotion as if I were about to cry.

         "We can get over this. We can put it behind us. Don't let last night's silly mistakes spoil things between us."

         "Go away, you disgust me. I never want to see you again, not ever."

         "Oh come on, I know you don't mean that, Glor. Just give me another chance. Tell you what, I'll stop drinking if that's what you want."

         "Just piss off will you," I yelled out loud. Perhaps a little too loud.

         Everyone looked over. Gordy looked at me and raised his eyebrows. It was a rare thing to hear me swear and it prompted him to intervene. "You heard her, Simon," he shouted across. "Time to leave."

         Simon looked at Gordy, but ignored him and looked back at me.

         "Oy, Bilko!" Gordy shouted louder this time. "You can either leave through the door or through the fucking window, it's up to you." He began to make his way over towards Simon.

         Simon looked at Gordy and the two well-built lads he had been with at the counter. "All right, all right I'm going."

         I was not looking at Simon, but that didn't stop him from speaking to me as he was about to leave.

         "I know that you love me, Glor. I'll call round your house to see you before I go back to London. We've gotta sort this out."

         Gordy sat opposite me as Simon walked out.

         "Thanks, Gordy."

         "That's all right. That's what friends are for, to help each other out."

         "Well, I'm just glad that you were here."

         "Seriously though, Gloria, you know what your problem is, don't you?" He carried on without giving me a chance to think of an answer. "You need some sex education lessons, and as a friend, I can help you out on that as well, if you like."

         His words neither shocked nor upset me. I'd heard it all before from him. "Do you remember, Gordy, when we were at school and you stopped that lad from pulling my hair all the time? I thought that you really cared about me, but you didn't, did you. You only did it because you thought that you could get me in the cloakroom for a snog and a grope."

         "It didn't happen though, did it? You were always Miss Prim and Proper."

         "Nothing's changed, has it, Gordy?"

         "I've changed. You just don't realise that under this rough exterior there's a kind loving and thoughtful person. I'm thinking of you that's all. Just imagine how your life would improve if you were having a regular passionate sexual relationship with the most popular lad in town."

         "Yeah, maybe, but he's not here is he?"

         The door opened and my sister Evelyn walked in closely followed by Gordy's ex-girlfriend. Evelyn hurried over and sat next to me and put her arm around me. "Are you all right, Sis? We just passed that scumbag. He tried to talk to me and I spat in his face."

         "Oh, Evelyn, you didn't?"

         "I bloody did, and he wasn't happy I can tell you."

         I looked at Gordy's ex-girlfriend. She was wearing rollers under her headscarf and was standing by the door with her hands on her hips. She was cross and looked like one of the images on a humorous seaside postcard. "What the hell are you doing here?" Gordy said.

         "I'm pregnant."

         "Well congratulations, I hope the three of you will be happy together."

         "Don't try to be funny, Gordy, everyone knows it's yours."

         "You can't know you're pregnant after one day."

         "This is from before you moron. So what are you gonna do about it?"

         Gordy laughed. "Nothing to do with me."

         "You're gonna pay for this, Gordy. I'll take you to court."

         "That's up to you girl, but when I turn up at court I'll have five or six lads with me and they'll all say that they were shagging you during the same time I was. That'll make you look a nice girl in front of your parents, won't it?"

         "You lying bastard. You won't get away with it. I'll have a blood test done."

         "Please yourself, but that can only prove it's not mine, can't prove it is. Anyway, I've had enough of this rubbish. I'm off for a pint." Gordy stood up, walked past her, and out to his motorcycle. Obviously looking to avoid further confrontation with the girl, but she followed him out verbally abusing him until he rode off.

         Evelyn and I were a little stunned by the girl's revelation, but Evelyn was grinning finding the scene farcical. "Stop grinning," I said, "it's not funny you know."

         "Sorry." Evelyn's grin dropped for a moment and she gave a false sad expression before she started laughing.

         "Evelyn, pack it in." I looked out the window at the girl marching off towards The Kings Arms in pursuit of Gordy and I could not stop myself from laughing along with my sister.

         Evelyn picked up my glass and finished off the remains of my drink. "Come on, let's get home for a bit of dinner," she said. "And guess what? The fair's open. We can go later on if you like; it might cheer you up a bit."

         "Yeah all right, maybe that lad from the art school will be there, eh," I said with a bit of sarcasm in my voice.

         "Funny enough, I saw him earlier and he said he's going to the fair tonight."

         "You're fizzing lying again."

         "No I'm fizzing not."

         I laughed with her as we stood up. "Yes, you fizzing are."

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