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Hatred is eradicated from 2016
Imagine a year without hate. A word so simply defined as an "intense dislike for someone", causes such complex levels of destruction. In 2016, the word, the feeling and the concept is eradicated from our human existence. In the most fortuitous instances it is replaced with love, hatred's archenemy. At the very least, apathy steps in as the understudy for hatred.

The world looks different today as the former haters are categorized: those who hated others motivated by pride and jealousy and those who hated themselves characterized by guilt and idealism. The change on this first day is remarkable. The elimination of hostility and contempt has made a space for kindness, respect and admiration.

We first come across the greatest hater…he spent 2015 spewing racial slurs inciting hostility and venom amongst anyone who had the misfortune to hear him. Hatred was obviously directed to others. Substance was irrelevant when you could great fear among the masses. Proud of his masses of money, jealous of anyone who could be seen as better than him, this hater was followed by a nation uneasy and a people who wanted to hear lies and excuses. But today he no longer has hatred to rely on. He praises his competitors for their grit and understanding of difficult situations. Dialog is open and honest. He can express his talents without the mask and he has the ability to look at himself for who he is – good and bad.

But hatred allowed him the ability to sever all personal attachments. That is what allowed him to be cut-throat, determined and single minded. The loss of that callousness had an unexpected side effect: he could not concentrate. The first debate was the most difficult. He started off feeling light, with eyes wide open, standing erect and almost welcoming. The squinting eyes and contentious grin were replaced with a softness that almost exuded love. But as he spoke he looked at the people in his audience. He found empathy overtaking him. They looked to him for leadership for help and assurance. He could not get combat the overwhelming need of his people without tears for the future and regret over the past. He stepped down realizing that the hatred that motivated him also made him successful in his endeavor. Now he had to understand why he chose that endeavor and how he could live without that driving ugly force.

Next we come across the self-loather. She spent yesterday trapped in her head, reliving all the tasks she could not accomplish and all the faults she could not repair. Today she is free. Free to forgive herself for any mistakes and energized to do more. Even small steps are welcomed. She is doing what she can do to help herself, to help her neighbor to help her community.

As the year goes on, we meet more people who began at various stages of hatred. Those who had the most to improve, improved the most. Those who felt the least hatred took strides of even greater heights. Hatred was dead, long live love.
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