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A poem depicting a method of reviving one's soul through peace and meditation.
Trapped Mind-Body Syndrome - Awareness

Oh to be free from the enslaved, worrying thoughts,
Mind and body trapped in this terrifying cycle
Of the world system, fashion, craving to please,
Wanting approval and an automatic response
To every sensation the mind senses from the body,
Instant gratification of every bodily and mental need.

On and on we go, striving and stressing to succeed,
New challenges set daily, more advanced each time,
More complex, more difficult to achieve within
The time frames that are set, unreasonably the norm,
Yet we strive on, not seeking an awareness of our state.
The demands of a fucked up world, ever pushing us on.

Come join me now as we withdraw to the riverside,
Where peace and harmony prevail; no rush, no stress.
We center our physical and mental energies together
To align with eternal consciousness, the oneness of now,
Drawing on the senses of peace, the flow of the river,
Hear the rustling of the leaves, the gentle breeze surrounds

Gently we glide into a calm, meditative state of being,
One with all that is, dwelling in the freedom of the All,
That true realm of “All that was and all that ever will be”,
The realm of the Spirit being, that which we actually are,
And just simply “being” for a while, blissful and oblivious
Of the strains and unreasonable stresses of this crazy life.
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