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by L.K.
Rated: E · Sample · Emotional · #2085423
Hazy, peaceful memory of a mother watching her child. Very short at the moment.
Sun shone across the lush grass as tiny bare feet padded happily through the emerald ocean before them. The wind blew gently that day, playing with the young girl's wild mop of spiraling white locks. The mother sat watching her child play happily, the little girl chanting at flowers as she tried to lace them with curses. Had the young girl's father been there he would have told her strictly that she was doing it totally wrong then try in vain to get her to do it right. However, he wasn't there, nor did the Mother know where her life partner and husband was. The turmoil of uncertainty inside her was set to rest for a little while by the happy giggle of their beautiful little girl.
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