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Searching deep for something beautiful symbolizing love for one who cannot fathom.

As I submerge
in my native gear to
hunt for things
worthy of your beauty,
surface to meet you,
you reveal your treasures
found washed ashore
from the sea's neglect.

I'm amazed,
then regale you with tales
of my discovery
amid pearls and lost treasures
on an ocean floor.
You offer a coconut,
undivided attention,
usher me to the bed
with palm fronds
in temperate shade.

I’m caught wondering
where that scent
on the breeze came from,
what you would look like
in a grass skirt,
leis about your neck,
as a ukulele strums rhythm
matching music our hearts.

I ventured across a horizon,
returned to you sifting dead sand
for discarded shells and uniquity.
My tales on hold, you offer:
shopping lists, chores,
reminders from the fridge,
doctor appointment, kids
need to be picked up, trash.

You leave for work.

I grab my iPad, crush
brilliant images.
The screen glows and begs
write you another ode, hoping
this time you'll notice
just how beautiful I think you are.

The Idea


Typical Love  (E)
The most beautiful story is ordinary
#2111251 by Brian K Compton
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