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Thumper needs the bathroom
It was a peaceful day in the forest. The grass was a vibrant green and the trees towered over the wildlife below. Thumper was hopping around with his friend Bambi, when all of the sudden, Thumper began to feel an urge near his tail. 'Oh no', Thumper thought to himself, 'I really need to find a spot to go potty'. Thumper, however, did not want to interrupt his game with Bambi. He did really need to go, though.

"Hey, Bambi", said Thumper shyly.

"What's up, Thumper?", replied the young deer.

"We kind of have a problem", said Thumper.

"What kind of problem?", asked Bambi.

All of the sudden, a loud toot escaped from the little bunny's fuzzy behind. Thumper immediately blushed and moved his tail to cover up the source of his gas.

"That kind... heh heh." Responded Thumper.

"Wheew", said Bambi, "I'm guessing you have to go potty."

"Yeah... and really badly too", replied Thumper with an embarrassed smile.

"Well, you should find a place where no one can see you doing your business", said Bambi.

Thumper took this advice into consideration and try to find a tree he could "do his duty" behind without anyone looking at him. He looked around urgently and spotted a suitable looking tree. He walked up to it, turned his rear end toward it, and lowered himself into a squat. He was about to drop his rabbit pellets, but he noticed a group of rabbits off in the distance looking in his direction. Turns out, they're his sisters peeking in on him!

"OMG I think Thumper's trying to go number two!", said one of his nosy siblings. Thumper was very embarrassed by this, and hopped off before his sisters could see anything he didn't want them to. Thumper hopped back over to Bambi, tail tucked firmly in between his haunches.

"My sisters almost saw me going to the bathroom. I couldn't go back there and I still really need to 'go'." Thumper told Bambi.

"Well, you could try to find a hollowed out log! That worked for me recently when I had to poop" Bambi said.

"Okay!" Said thumper.

Thumper hopped around for what felt like ages to him until he found exactly what he was looking for. A hollowed out log with a hole on top. He hopped on top of it and placed his furry rump on the opening. He looked around to make sure that no one was around to watch him answer the call of nature. Satisfied with how things looked, Thumper clenched his paws and farted a couple times into the log. Suddenly, Thumper heard a voice from within the log.


Thumper was petrified and couldn't move off of the log. The resident of the log was a bright orange fox. He came out and started yelling at Thumper.

"What are you doing?! Are you... doing your business on my house?"

Thumper could not believe the embarrassment he felt. The fox just saw his bare rear end and who knows what else. He smiled sheepishly, laughed, and hopped away as fast as he could without having an accident. With all of his traveling, Thumper also got the urge to take a whiz. The water he chugged earlier had caught up to him. All he wanted was a private spot in the wild to potty.

Elsewhere, Bambi's father was giving a tour to a group of animals who were new residents of the forest. This group was comprised of many different animals. Bambi's dad wanted to show them a very pretty meadow next, so he led the group in that direction.

Back to Thumper and his predicament, the desperate rabbit was still looking for a good place to make some pellets. He eventually came across a meadow with a clearing in the open. Not even thinking how exposed he would be, Thumper made his way over to the clearing with an eager look on his face. He closed his eyes halfway, squatted down, and let nature take its course. The only sound he could hear was the pattering of his pee on the ground underneath him and his sigh from the release.

Meanwhile, the tour was approaching the meadow, and upon arrival, the group was startled by what the saw.

Thumper finished emptying his bladder and squatted lower, lifting his tail and revealing the source of his 'emissions'. He farted loudly a couple of times and joked to himself:

"Wow, maybe I shouldn't have eaten those berries, hahaha", Thumper said nervously with an embarrassed smile.

He continued to push and eventually began to drop some pellets. Little did he know that twenty or so animals were watching him while he 'went'. There was giggling and pointing, but Thumper's eyes were half closed in relief and he was focusing on the sound of his many pellets hitting the ground. After about 25 seconds, Thumper had a large pile of his bunny business under his rear. When he had finished with his business, the paperwork still needed to be done. He turned around to look for a leaf or two to wipe his dirty heinie with, but instead of wiping material, he found an audience of many animals watching him do his business. The animals immediately broke out into laughter as Thumper turned his dirty keister away from them and shoved his hands behind him to keep anyone from seeing. He gave a sheepish smile and a bashful pose, as he was overwhelmed with embarrassment.

"Wow", said a female badger, "I guess when a bunny's gotta go, a bunny's REALLY gotta go."

"Wheeewww", said a female rabbit, "that sure does smell bad."

Thumper hopped off as fat as he could, knowing now that he should plan going to the bathroom better and find good spots where one wouldn't be watched by countless onlookers.
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