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Elizabeth gets a special present from her boyfriend....

“I Have Loved You Since We Were 18”

It had been five years since Niklas and Elizabeth had met. They had two children, 5-year-old Joshua and 2-year-old Issac. Today, Niklas was planning something special for her. The kids knew about it, but Elizabeth didn't.

“Good morning, beautiful,” Niklas crooned in that beautiful accented voice of his, the one that always either sent chills up Elizabeth's spine or made her heart beat 3 times faster than normal. It did both this time.

Flapping her arms happily, Elizabeth smiled softly at her boyfriend and pressed her forehead against his, her big blue eyes sparkling with happiness.

“Hello, Nicky. It's going to be lovely out today. Look at all the snow. WE should built a snowman with the boys, shouldn't we??”

Niklas chuckled and cupped her cheeks, stroking them gently with the tips of his fingers. How could one be so perfect, so beautiful, after all these years?

“I think they'd love that, darling. You know how our boys love to play in the snow.”

“They get that from you.”

Niklas rolled his eyes at her and kissed the tip of her nose, drawing a squeal from her lips.

“Point taken. Let's get up and check on our kiddos, hm?”

Elizabeth whined playfully but sat up, straightened out her hair, and crawled out of bed. She loved winter but not the cold air on her feet.

“Where are my bunny slippers?” The girl couldn't go out of the bedroom without her slippers on. How else was she to keep her feet warm?

Niklas smiled softly and picked them up from their spot on the floor next to the bed post, tossing them to her.

“There you are, my princess. Your slippers.”

Elizabeth stuck her tongue out at him and tugged them on her feet, letting out a loud yawn as she did so. Then, she walked over, linked her arms around Niklas's neck, and gently kissed him as her boyfriend's arms went around her waist.

“Mmm, babe, there is nothing I like better than when we kiss.”

Elizabeth blushed softly and kissed him again, smiling.

“You're too sweet to me, Nicky. How did I end up with someone like you?”

Niklas laughed and cupped her cheeks, pressing his forehead against hers.

“The question should be how did I end up with someone like you. I love you, sweetie.”


Spinning around, the young couple caught sight of their sons running at them like a bowling ball runs at pins. This was a typical morning in this household.

“Hi, babies. Come give your momma a kiss on the cheek,” Elizabeth murmured, getting down on her knees so she could be at her boys' eye level.

Issac waddled over, flung his arms around her neck, and planted a sloppy kiss on her cheek while Joshua, ever the gentleman like his father, came over, rested a tiny hand on his mother's shoulder, and kissed her cheek gently.

“Mammy,” Issac squealed, climbing up onto her knees and resting there, his arms still snug around her neck.

Elizabeth chuckled and picked him up, balancing him perfectly on her hip. She loved her boys with all her heart and nothing, no one, would ever change that.

“Yes, baby boy?”

“Turn around.” That was Niklas's voice speaking.

Elizabeth spun around and instantly gasped, one hand slapping over her mouth as the other hand still held Issac against her body. There was Niklas, on one knee, blue eyes twinkling with a love no one could understand, his smile as bright as the sun and wide as a river, and in his hands, he held a silver ring with a blue diamond in the middle of it.

“You've been my light, my princess, my star, and my sun. You're my whole world—along with these boys—and nothing will ever change that. You've held me when I have cried, you've made me so happy all these years. And now, it's time for me to return the favor. Elizabeth, will you marry me?”

How do you react to something like this? Be shocked? Stunned? Amazed? In love? How about all four of them at once?

Tears welling in her eyes, Elizabeth set Issac down on the floor, held out her tiny hand, and whispered, “Yes.”

Niklas slipped the ring onto her finger, stood up, cupped her cheeks—rubbing them with his thumbs—and pressed their foreheads together, living in the moment with his girl. How he'd longed to make her his own forever! Why, he'd been waiting since the day he'd met her to do this!

“Jag Alskar Dig, sweet girl.”

Elizabeth giggled at the use of the Swedish 'I Love You' and linked her arms around his neck, loving him more and more with each passing moment.

“Jag Alskar Dig, my Nicky.”
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