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At age 12, she offered a sample of prose on Wattpad. I hijacked it to share here.

Crickets chirping... Frogs croaking...Stars gleaming... there's a small breeze that carries the smell of fresh air and cut grass. The sun sets and the moon rises. A car or two passes by but it is peaceful. A peaceful summer night. The leaves rustle on the trees and the silent song of the wind lulls you to sleep. The spring peepers sing with the wind and soon a whole chorus of nature is ringing in your ears. You snuggle under the covers as the breeze starts to chill. The crickets grow softer and it starts to lightly rain. The pitter patter on your rooftop is calming and soothing. There is a quiet rumble of thunder on the horizon. The rain gets heavier, then stops. Everything is calm and quiet again... Peaceful... a peaceful summer night.

Maddie's art is displayed with some of my poems and she's been the subject of many of my offerings here. Never knew she would find such tender expressions with language at such a young age.

Photo of my daughter and me on our first family camping trip.

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