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by Norman
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A fowl mystery of death, desire and dismay
Why’d the chicken cross the road?
To get to the other side.
Everybody knows that tale;
it’s been told far and wide.

And Mabel was too fat and slow,
the other hens would chide.
Yes, she was not the fastest one.
She waddled side to side.

She met up with a pick-up truck
and now that chicken’s fried.
The driver cooked her on his grill
with mushrooms on the side.

Yes, Mabel was the main course dish,
even with her flattened hide.
She didn’t lie on the road too long;
from the pavement she was pried.

The coop was all in mourning then,
the little chicks all cried.
The mother hens all told them that
it’s best to stay inside.

"There’s nothing special over there.
In the coop you should abide."
They didn’t have to be told twice;
they ran inside to hide.

But by the roadside stood one bird,
a rooster called Big Clyde.
Big Clyde was crying chicken tears.
Mabel was to be his bride.

So what was Mabel looking for?
What could not be denied
to make her risk that two-lane road?.
Big Clyde just sighed and sighed.

What made Mabel cross the road
and with that truck collide?
I guess that we will never know.
She never did confide.

The lesson from this story is:
it’s sad that Mabel died,
but if a pick-up’s on your tail
you’d better stretch your stride.

‘Cause sometimes bad things do occur,
so swallow up your pride.
It happens to the best of those
who venture far outside.

And if you have to cross the road
to reach the other side,
I’d recommend that you think twice
and take an Uber ride.
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