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by Norman
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My days may be numbered if I keep going like this
I saw the railroad crossing sign;
I heard the clanging bell.
I knew that I should slow and stop
but I said, “What the hell.”

I passed beneath the crossing bar
by no more than a hair.
I glanced around to see the train,
got blinded by its glare.

I hit the second crossing bar
and heard a mighty crack.
Both headlights on my truck went out,
the road ahead went black.

I couldn’t see in front of me
and I was moving fast.
If I didn’t sober up real quick
this night could be my last.

I finally stopped and took a breath
I was sweating and felt ill.
That was the dumbest thing I’ve done
but I had chances still.

More days to test the hands of fate
and maybe meet my end.
I didn’t care much anymore;
it was my life to spend.

My life is over anyway.
There’s nothing more for me.
As far as I’m concerned right now
I should drive into a tree.

My girl is gone; she took my dog,
she left me high and dry.
She used my credit cards to max.
Didn’t even say goodbye.

I guess it serves me right, you know.
Oh man, but she was sore.
She warned me time and time again
but I cheated just once more.

Yeah, she was right to take a hike.
I know I did her wrong.
But I’ll go home and sleep it off.
She’ll be back before too long.

Well, maybe not this time.

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