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An 8 year-old can either solve your problems, or create them.
She looked around, the house was in shambles. Belongings were scattered everywhere.

The package had been small. One hundred hundred-dollar bills, which she had gathered patiently over the past year. She had been cautious, and had stashed the money (cleverly she thought) in an empty broccoli box in the freezer. She'd even found the hitman for ten grand.

She startled herself from her reverie, they would be here any moment. She knew that Kelsie must have somehow found the cash and hidden it. No one else had been in the house, but she had searched everywhere and couldn't find it.

She heard the car. She hurried to the front door, opening it enough to let Kelcie squeeze in.

"She was great!", her husband began, "We went..."

"No." She cut him off. "I don't care! You had her for your time and now she's home." She slammed the door.

"Mama! What happened?" Kelsie looked at the mess.

"Honey" Joan said in a loving tone, "This was a really fun game, but now I give up, you win! Just tell me where you hid the money".

"I didn't hide the money, mama, and I wasn't playing a game". She replied in the patient logic of an eight year-old.

"What did you do, Kel?" Her voice raising.

"I heard you tell that man that you would give him the money if he made daddy disappear, but I don't want daddy to disappear. I want him to always be here. So I took the the money. I saw where you hid it".

"Where is that money?" Her voice now shrill.

"I gave it to daddy, and I told him that now he wouldn't have to disappear". She said with all of the pride of daughter who had just solved daddy's biggest problem.

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