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by Norman
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I can live in quiet peace
Yes, I live a simple life,
there’re no two ways about it.
You can take me at my word.
You need not ever doubt it.

And so I live here all alone,
no dog or cat to pet,
no Internet, no telephone,
but I live without regret.

I live here in my meager house;
it’s not because I’m poor.
I’ve everything that I could need,
I don’t want for any more.

No, I don’t need a fancy car
or a big flat-screen TV.
I can live in quiet peace.
The best things in life are free.

I wish that I could tell you true
there’s nothing I desire.
But if I were to make that claim
well, then I would be a liar.

The winter will be coming soon
with cold and snow and ice.
That’s when I would confess to you
… indoor plumbing would be nice.

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