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by Norman
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Twenty years ago - seems like a lifetime
Standing in the parking lot
I take a look around
It is so strange to be back here
On old familiar ground

Twenty years since I’ve been back
And time has gone so fast
In some ways I have never left
It’s hard to shed the past

But also it's another life
Since I have traveled here
It feels more like a century
Than only twenty years

High school was a trial for me
A big part of my life
Four years filled with joy and fun
But also tinged with strife

The teenage years are difficult
We all know that is true
Coping with emotional things
And physical changes too

Yet somehow I survived it all
I’m standing here today
Stronger and, yes, wiser now
School helped me on the way

So why am I the nervous one?
I feel so out of place
I open up the old oak door
And look for a kind face

I see some guys who were my mates
And some I barely knew
They smile at me and shake my hand
I’ll make some friends anew

I’m starting to feel more secure
I’m more relaxed somehow
This was our home away from home
We’re all related now

It is so good to see them all
We have so much to share
Yeah, maybe I’ll come back again
Next time without a care
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