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Created for the "My Mysterious, Diverted Journey" contest.
36 Lines (9 stanzas of 4 lines each)

The Missing Gift

Stockings on the mantle bring joy to many and one.
Stuffed with love, toys and things, promises of fun.
Every year they have been a source of boundless joy.
Candy canes and other things, and that precious toy.

But this year things are different, something there was found.
A package in a stocking, when I found it there I frowned.
Someone must have missed this, someone this did not receive.
It seems the goal to bless someone, this I did not achieve.

A sense of dread did fill me, how could I let this occur?
I tried recalling the joyful day, but it was just a blur.
Presents given, stockings searched, the day was filled with glee.
How this could have been overlooked, just did not come to me.

I reached into the stocking, the package to remove.
The ownership and contents I decided I must prove.
Who was it that had missed it, who was left without?
The answer I must know and there must be left no doubt.

I reached into the stocking and the package I did get.
I would finally have my answer, I no longer had to fret.
The wrappings of the present, I tore off with eager ease.
The questions that troubled me, I would surely please.

I threw away the wrappings and peeled back the lid.
I now could look upon the secrets that it hid.
To my surprise I found there naught but a note.
Scribbled there upon it was a simple quote.

"Every year you spend so much time and effort too.
Making people happy but you don't do that for you.
In all the joy you give to everyone this year.
Make sure you save some time for someone I hold so dear."

"Give yourself a present of something you will enjoy.
Love yourself as well, give yourself a little 'toy.'
You cannot give away what you do not have yourself.
I hope you remember that you belong on your top shelf."

Now I remembered how this package here did get.
And, how these words would help I now cannot forget.
As I hold this note and stand before the Christmas tree.
I remember that I wrote it, this love note was from me.
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