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A form of Death is faced with a deadly showdown
The female council member glared at the lead council and said “What is it about T-1/F-2 that you fear? Why are you always looking for ways to remove her from duty or possibly, the community?

The female council looked at her surroundings and realized that she followed lead council to T-1/F-2’s latest victim’s house. He was stalking her.

“Why are you following her around while she works? What are you hoping to accomplish?”

The lead council faced the female council and shone his light very bright before changing into a bolt of light and streaking toward the sky. He refused to be questioned by an underling of the council so he decided to ignore the form.

T-1/F-2 was a form of Death that resided between Heaven and Hell. There were many forms that were dark figures with shapes of men and women outlined by colored lights. They were able to change shapes, disappear completely, and turn into bolts of light for fast travel.

The whole community of Death forms lived in what looked like medieval dungeons. There were endless tiers and quarters provided for the forms and they were named according to the tier and place on that tier. They had private quarters and a council which overlooked and kept order among them. Rules and regulations were made for all forms to follow; and consequences for those who chose to ignore them could be harsh.

T-1/F-2 hid not too far from the Death residence and thought about what to do next. She was fleeing from lead council because he saw her giving a little comfort to her last victim. She was warned to refrain from doing so but supposedly, she disobeyed his order.

T-1/F-2 didn’t consider lying her victim down, and speaking a few words of comfort before transition as disobeying her lead council. She got in and out quickly as he asked but he still had it in for her and she knew it. Her comforting the victims was not the real reason for lead council’s anguish and the other forms knew it too.

As she hovered not too far from the residence, the female council that confronted the lead council popped up right beside her.

She asked, “Why are you hovering out here T-1/F-2? You should be inside with the others. This misunderstanding between you and the lead council has to be resolved immediately!”

“This is no misunderstanding. The lead council, for some reason, seems threatened by me. I don’t understand exactly what’s going on but I’m afraid that if he sees me, he’ll try and destroy me!”

“He will do no such thing. The council will not allow him to simply destroy you. We have to get to the root of this problem and destroying you will not solve it! Now you come along with me and face the council. We will hopefully solve this tonight.”

T-1/F-2’s blue light shimmered violently which meant she was uneasy and afraid. The female council nudged her in the direction of the residence and said, “There’s no reason to be afraid of lead council because we will control him. I promise you that!”

T-1/F-2’s light slowly began to dim back to normal as the two headed back to the residence.

The lead council returned to the residence, entered council chambers and said, “I don’t know why we haven’t rid ourselves of T-1/F-2 a long time ago. She does not follow rules and I’m sure there’s resentment toward me.”

“Oh please! There’s no resentment toward you. If anything, I think you resent her, said a council member.

The lead council flew around the room and screamed, “Don’t tell me there’s no resentment toward me! I feel it every time she’s in my presence!”

The council forms knew there was a reason for his behavior but they just didn’t know what it was yet.

T-1/F-2 and her female council friend were seen flying past the chambers. Lead council went flying out of chambers and began screaming in the halls. The forms in the hall stopped what they were doing to witness what was going on.

“You stop immediately, T-1/F-2. I need to have a word with you!”

T-1/F-2 and the female council continued flying down the hall when suddenly, lead council’s light lit up the halls. He was furious and was in the process of spinning at an incredible speed when his fellow council members stopped him.

Had the lead council continued to spin at that speed, he would’ve been able to shoot bolts of light toward T-1/F-2 and kill her.

“Have you lost your senses? Are you insane? Do we need to restrain you in the dungeons below!” yelled T-1/F-2’s council friend.

“You have no power to restrain me underling! Who do you think you are that you can talk to me that way? You have no power!”

“But we do! We as a whole can restrain you but we won’t. You are hereby ordered to come back into chambers so we can discuss what just took place!” said a council member.

“I’m not going anywhere! I want T-1/F-2 restrained and put downstairs!”

“We will do no such thing. This problem appears to be yours so explain the hostility toward T-1/F-2!” yelled second in command.

The lead council began to shine his orange light to its brightest when a council member said, “I’m warning you not to do that. If you continue we will destroy you and that would be unfortunate.”

Lead council flew down the hall, out of the residence and into the night. He had enough of the members and needed to get away. As he hovered not too far from the residence, he noticed that T-1/F-2 might have had enough too because she was hovering not too far from him.

He began to spin with incredible speed and started to shoot bolts of light at her. She spotted him and began to fly frantically away from him. It was too late to change into stealth mode because she was caught off guard, so lead council was able to spot her.

Their bright lights lit up the sky and periodically, lead council would stop, spin, and shoot bolts of light toward T-1/F-2. Her dodging skills were impressive. She was able to bob, weave and duck everything that lead council threw at her but she began to get tired.

As they faced each other, T-1/F-2 backed away slowly and then flew back to the residence as fast as she could. The lead council was hot on her tail but she made it inside before he could try and destroy her again.

T-1-F-2’s blue light shimmered violently once again as she hovered in front of council’s chambers. She opened the door and her female council friend flew over to her immediately.

“Why are you so upset? Try to calm down and tell me what happened?”

As T-1/F-2 began to explain what happened, the lead council came bursting through the doors, with his light shining once again at its brightest. T-1/F-2 watched in fear as her light continued to shimmer.

“Calm down and keep still lead council. I’m giving you fair warning to calm down and be still,” said a council member. The lead council took heed and kept still as his light began to dim.

“What is going on here? Do you know how dangerous it was to attempt to shoot bolts of light in the hallway? You could’ve destroyed a number of forms for no reason at all. I also hear you tried to destroy T-1/F-2 outside the residence. Now you tell me what’s going on, or I will destroy you myself!” said a council member.

Lead council told the same old story about how T-1/F-2 was resentful and didn’t respect his authority.

Another male council said, “We are asking for the truth sir. This made up story about resentment and authority will not work. You are lying and we want the truth now!”

As the council and T-1/F-2 hovered in place looking at the lead council, he transformed into stealth mode and headed to his private quarters. He knew that the council would not begin to understand his hostility toward T-1/F-2; so he would not try to explain it.

“We seem to have a serious problem here my fellow council members. Our lead council has gone off the rails and we have to do something about it. He’s a danger to the rest of us so I suggest we snuff him out, destroy him,” said T-1/F-2’s council friend.

“I believe your suggestion is a bit premature. The lead council member is troubled and needs help. I suggest we do everything in our power to help him before coming to that conclusion. Also, T-1/F-2 and her council friend should not be here while we discuss lead council’s fate,” said a council member.

“Oh yes, she should be here. This involves lead council trying to destroy her, so she has every right to be here. He should be terminated!” yelled T-1/F-2’s council member friend.

Another member came forward and said, “Would T-1/F-2 and her council member friend kindly leave chambers. We cannot decide what to do about this situation with you two here.”

“But I’m a council member!”

“It doesn’t matter. You are too involved so you need to leave!” said the council member.

T-1/F-2 and her council friend turned towards the doors and left chambers. They were not happy, but the council insisted they leave so they obeyed.
As lead council hovered in his private quarters, he changed back into normal mode and flew back and forth across his quarters. He didn’t understand why council turned against him but as lead council, he would demand they destroy T-1/F-2 or send her away.

Lead council continued to fly back and forth when the second in command flew into his quarters and demanded answers.

“I need to know what is wrong with you. Do you realize there is talk about your destruction?” That little friend of T-1/F-2 is leading the charge on your demise!”

“Well, you won’t let that happen.”

“I don’t know if I can stop it. You have got to tell me what this is all about. Why are you so hostile toward her? Tell me this minute! I demand to know!”

“That little form should not be allowed to administer death to anyone. I’ve witnessed her prolonging and making the process a lot more painful than it should be. She’s done this to quite a few members of my family and I resent it. I resent her!”

The second in command faced his fellow council member and said, “That is not the real reason for the hostility lead council. Tell me exactly what the problem is with T-1/F-2.”

“It seems that T-1/F-2 has acquired quite a fan club among us, but I don’t understand why? She never acknowledges the other forms, she snubs authority, and she pretty much stays to herself. Why are they so taken with her?”

“Now it all starts to make sense. You’re threatened by T-1/F-2 and the thought of her taking your place terrifies you.”

Lead council swung around and said, “That is ridiculous! I told you the reason for my resentment toward her!”

“You don’t fool me lead council. You need not worry about T-1/F-2 taking your place because I won’t let that happen. Compared to us, she’s a child and has no place at the top.”

“Well, it doesn’t seem that way to me. My term is almost up, and I want to know if council would extend it for at least another two years. I’m not finished leading so I would really like to continue.”

“Well, that’s not up to me entirely. I have to discuss this request with council and get back to you. But do me a favor and try not to worry about T-1/F-2. She’s a young form just trying to do her job so leave her alone.”

The two forms looked at one another and then the second in command flew back to chambers to discuss what had transpired between him and lead council.

As lead council watched his fellow member leave, he thought about their conversation and decided that one way or another, he would rid himself of T-1/F-2. The second in command might be able to stop her possible rise to the top, but he could not take that chance.

The second in command looked at all members of council and said, “Lead council is threatened by T-1/F-2. He believes that she will take his place and he’s terrified. Now he asked me to discuss a possible extension of two years as lead council, but I told him we had to discuss it.”

A council member flew forward and said, “Absolutely not! He’s irresponsible, unhinged, and out of control. If anything, lead council should be relieved of his duties now!”

“Well not so fast. Overall, he hasn’t been a bad lead council so maybe we should consider another two years,” said a council member.

All of the forms started to speak at once when the second in command ordered everyone to be quiet and said, “The only logical thing we can do is take a vote right now. All in favor of lead council continuing his role for another two years blink your lights twice.”

Three council members blinked, including second in command. “Okay! The votes are in, and lead council’s time will be up in two months,” said second in command.

The second in command flew back to lead council’s quarters to deliver the bad news. He felt sorry for him but there was nothing he could do because the council had spoken.

As he entered his quarters lead council said, “You have no good news, do you? They don’t want me around for another two years.”

“I’m afraid not sir. Most of them wanted you gone today, but I talked them into keeping you until your full term is up.”

“Well, I’m sure you tried, and I greatly appreciate it. I think I’ll float around outside for a while.”

Lead council flew toward T-1/F-2’s quarters and caught her in relax mode. He spun around furiously and started to shoot bolts of light at her but surprisingly, she was ready.

T-1/F-2 spun around with more speed and vigor than lead council had ever seen before. Her light shone so bright, that all the forms came out of their quarters to see what was going on.

The second in command went flying toward T-1/F-2’s quarters with the female council right behind him. They stopped him from interfering because this showdown needed to happen.

The bolts of light that T-1/F-2 hurled at lead council looked like bombs compared to his. His dodging skills were not bad, but they did not match the younger form’s skills.

T-1/F-2 guided the fight outside where there was more room to maneuver her skills. She had had enough and wanted lead council dead.

“You’ll never take my spot underling. You don’t have what it takes to lead!”

“I don’t want your spot sir. I’m content with what I’m doing so please stop with all the insecurity!”

Lead council spun around with all of his might and threw two bolts of light her way but he missed. She spun around and shot bolts that almost caught him but he moved just in time.

“Stop this! Stop this right now,” yelled second in command.

Just as second in command began to speak again, a strong bolt of light went flying past him and hit the lead council right in the middle of his form. His bright orange light lit up the sky and then turned into little particles of light. Eventually, the particles of light disappeared and the lead council was no more.

T-1/F-2 hovered in place. She was stunned at what had just happened.

“What have you done?” yelled second in command.

“He came after her I’m sure, so he got what he deserved! Nobody really wanted this outcome but he wanted to destroy her!” said T-1/F-2’s council friend.

“All council members, including T-1/F-2, come to chambers now!”

The members and T-1/F-2 followed the second in command to chambers and hovered in place.

“This was not supposed to happen. We are supposed to be civilized forms not savages!” said second in command.

One of the council members flew forward and said, “With all due respect sir, T-1/F-2 was trying to defend herself. I was passing by and saw it all. Lead council came to her quarters and started shooting bolts of light at her. What was she supposed to do? She had no choice in the matter!”

The rest of council agreed with what the member said and voted not to bring consequences against her.

The second in command ordered T-1/F-2 to follow him outside for a chat.

“You know, lead council was very threatened by you. In his mind he thought you were trying to take his job. Maybe he was becoming too old for the position. You know we forms get old too. Anyway I just wanted you to know that I’ll be taking the lead form position for now and after two months we’ll have a vote. Will you be throwing your hat in the ring?”

“No sir. I’m not interested in the lead council position. The only thing I ask is to be able to do my job the way I see fit. It helps me to bring comfort to the dying during their transition.”

You can perform your tasks any way you choose. All I ask is don’t spend too much time on a victim because it can have a negative effect on you. Do what you have to do and move on. It’s the best way to work.”

T-1/F-2 looked at the new lead council and realized that her job would probably go a lot smoother with him in command. Her light beamed with approval as she headed back to the residence.

She flew into her quarters, looked at her itinerary for the next day and went into relax mode. Her female council friend flew into her quarters to comfort her. T-1/F-2 assured her friend that she was fine and just wanted to relax.

The events of the day were horrible, but she would put that all behind her and concentrate on what the future might bring. Yes, she thought her job was heartbreaking, but the new administration of the forms would hopefully make it a lot easier to cope.

T-1/F-2 and her council friend headed outside and changed into bright, beautiful bolts of blue and purple lights. They streaked through the skies and enjoyed each other’s company before having to face their dreadful jobs the next day.

Word count = 3,123

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