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by Norman
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A woman's best friend
I’m not too good at small talk.
My wife will tell you so.
She says that I don’t speak to her.
I tell her where to go.

Go get yourself a good dog.
That’s just what you are missing.
A good dog won’t talk back to you.
A good dog will just listen.

A good dog won’t neglect you;
you know he wouldn’t do that.
A good dog will be there for you,
not like some standoff cat.

A good dog would come to you,
always ready for a pet.
He’ll be right there to calm you down
if ever you should fret.

A good dog’s always ready
and eager for a walk.
He’ll even chase a ball for you.
Just don’t expect small talk.

A good dog is a treasure.
He’s known as man’s best friend.
But when a dog’s just not enough
I’m with you to the end.

Let's talk about that.
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