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by Kwills
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My 'About the Author' and 'About the Novel' blurbs for my upcoming book, Earther 27.
I'm not confident with blurbs, so I thought I'd try out a few versions here. Feedback very much appreciated! Thank you.

About the Author
Kell Willsen is a novelist and occasional poet who mostly writes speculative fiction. Having grown up on a diet of Terry Pratchett, Diana Wynne Jones, Charles Dickens, Josephine Tey, and more, it's perhaps unsurprising that her novels tend towards the literary - but only a bit.

Kell likes cats and dogs equally, can't decide between Star Trek and Star Wars, and has no strong opinions either way about Marmite. There are those who say that she is not quite normal, and others who claim that she's not even real. Most people, however, say, ‘Who cares? Get on with the story!’

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Title: Earther 27
Genre: Literary Fantasy
Reading age: 12 - Adult
Status: In editing


It's not so easy to forgive and forget when you're on the losing side.

Kerrig, Earther 27, is a angry middle-aged man who has lived his whole life under foreign rule. He knows that one day, his fellow-countrymen will rise up against the Outsiders; and on that day, he will stand with them. Until then, he works at his job in the mines, and holds himself apart from the Outsiders.

But then his life is uprooted, and he finds himself on the run with those he despises. One by one all his certainties are destroyed, until he starts to question everything he thought he knew. And then he has to wonder: What does it mean to be Earther 27?


In a world of Elementals, Talents, and Shapeshifters, an accidental fugitive must come to terms with his past.

Can there ever be peace between the elemental tribes of the People and the shapeshifting Sidrax invaders? What about the infuriatingly superior Avlem colonists, who have been stealing bits of the Land since his grandparents' time? Is co-existence even possible, or is it betraying the dead to forgive their killers?

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