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by Norman
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A walk on sacred ground
I took a trip to Arlington
To walk on sacred ground
I didn’t know what to expect
But this is what I found

The hills were lined with sentries
Stones standing still and white
It was an awesome vision
An unforgettable sight

It made me gasp with wonder
I was humbled to my core
Some names were so familiar
But there were oh, so many more

Some lost their lives in battle
To keep America free
They sacrificed for all of us
They died for you and me

There is one sight so special
It took my breath away
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
That is guarded night and day

The ritual there is solemn
With dignity and power
I was transfixed by the spectacle
I could have watched for hours

There is a sanctity about it
You won’t find in any church
No matter where you look for it
Or how long you may search

This eulogy is silent
There’s no need for any words
There’s more gravitas about this
Than anything you've heard

This scene is more dramatic
Than any monuments you’ll see
Just across that flowing river
In Washington, D.C.
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