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by Brown
Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2188035
A group of super-powered preteen children in the early 1960s protect Washington DC
The year is July 1963 and as our Nation is both involving in social and political events(or about to be anyway) we turn to our Nation's Capitol as the Head and Leader the President of the United States and his staff is out on the front lawn of the White House itself discussing the latest news completely unaware that a few miles away in a small unimportant neighborhood residences a treehouse in which four small figures can be seen peeking through a telescope.

"So those thick jaw squares still at it yakking away on the Front Yard?" Asked the first small figure,a boy around ten years old dressed in a light blue and white striped shirt that looked a bit too small for him,he had bright blond hair and a sort of rough,serious face for the tender age of ten.

"Yep they haven't moved since noon this afternoon! I personally think they're glued to the scenery!" Said the second and smallest boy with red hair and a freckled face who was looking out the telescope at the men on the Front Lawn shrugging as he turned back to the first boy.

"And frankly I'm not sure they're aware of us mere kids spying on them!

"That's the general idea guys!" Said a new voice as a young girl with bright yellow hair and wearing a blue polkadot dress came into the small room to which contained a old-fashioned huge computer device printing out various information around the world on slips of paper.

Alicia,finally glad to see you got under your dad's red thumb. Had a tough time finding the place?" Asked the blond haired boy grinning.

"It's a treehouse Larry,Its not exactly hard to find like a needle in a haystack! But anyway ar....aren't we one short?" As she looked around as if searching for someone else and as on cue a new boy,a dark-skinned one came running into the cramped room.

"Hey,hey a...am I late..." He was wearing a strange sort of pressure suit concealing most of his body from view,with his head and face under a astronaut helmet.

"Russel! You're here finally! How have you been?" Exclaimed the small red haired boy as he rushed up to him.

Yeah just calm down Jason ole buddy or people will start blabbing! So this is it? This is where we're meeting at?"

"Yep,so here's the thing guys and gal,Jason and I have been spying on the President and his staff as there's said to be a outbreak of robberies around here,apparently even the feds are unable to stop them. The first blond haired boy named Larry spoke up in a demanding tone,looking around at them all.

"So you want us kids to do their job for em' eh?" Asked Russel blankly rolling his eyes.

"Sure thing. So who's up for a adventure to the good ole White House?"

As the other three kids looked at each other and nodded. Then the first boy nodded and raised his arms high as within a loud explosion his regular clothes vanished and he was replaced in a strange molten rock like red-orange granite formation covering his entire body except for his face.

As the other three ex-changed eye glances then followed him out of the tree house in the direction of the White House itself.

So who exactly are these youngsters who seem to possess incredible powers as if by magic? We'll find out soon enough.......

For our first adventure outing-we visit the sunny,ahola state of Hawaii itself where ten year old Larry Lugar lives with his parents and two older siblings enjoying the peaceful ways of everyday island life.

As his older brother Ryan often takes him along with his girl friend Star surfing along the Oahu coastline.

"And Ryan,you watch over him understand? Don't let him out of your sight! And Larry,you mind your big brother you hear? We don't want any accidents!" Called his father from the shorelines as he and his wife were busy tanning themselves on the main beach.

"Sure thing Pops! come on Squirt and Star,let's hang ten!!" As he and his girlfriend began riding the waves towards one of Oahu's non-active volcanoes: Kilauea.

"Eh Ryan are you sure we should be doing this? At this particularly dangerous....." Larry nervously asked as he kept in tow onboard his own miniature surfboard looking around the seemly deserted island.

"Don't be a wimp Larry! This thing hasn't gone off for the last 50 years or so. We're perfectly safe!" Ryan protested bravely as he stopped and began walking in the direction of two swaying palm trees for shade.

"I-I don't know Ryan,he may be right. This place looks highly unstable it could blow at any mome....." His girl friend Star said before a deep rumbling knocked them all to their feet.

"W-what's happening?" Screamed Ryan as he struggled to stay on his feet.

"The volcano...it's erupting! Star screamed. But Larry himself was feeling something entirely different inside his very body as there was a tingling feeling happening in his very being.that matched the exact temperate and pressure of the sudden erupting volcano itself.

"I-it's not the volcano-It's me,I-I'm doing it! It's me that somehow causing this! He thought as he barely heard his brother yelling out frantically.

Larry,Larry Where are you? We need to get out of here pronto! But unable to hear due to the rapidly flowing lava coming like a steam down the thick mountaintop all he could see was a thick layer of steam but again feeling strange tingling in his entire body as the rumbling suddenly stopped as the lava itself also ceased and finally the steam vanished.

"Wha the he- I-it stopped?" As Ryan and Star came out of their hiding spots to stare at the now rock covered boy in shock.

We now turn to faraway Richmond,VA where we meet US Senator Meredith and his daughter Alicia,a bright young girl around 7.

"Daddy can I go play with Stephanie? She's got a brand new doll collection she wants to show me?" The young girl dressed in the latest pink empire styled outfit as the both of them were in the main drawing room of their enormous mansion.

Not right now sweetie,I got a important meeting to go to in about a hour and your nanny is going to be watching over you. Now Alicia,I know you haven't exactly warmed up to having a single parent since the death of your mother but I reassure you that I'll do my absolute best to make sure things are-" But he was suddenly interrupted as one of his servants came into the drawing room.

"Mr. Thompson,I'm here to inform you the board already called. They're about to begin the meeting."

"Thank you George,honey I gotta to go stay here with Helga(he gestured to the young woman dressed as a maid with a feather duster) and I should be back by night fall. Se you later on tonight for dinner." As he rushed off for the garage for his personal limo.

As Alicia was forced to head to her huge luxurious room considering of numerous girl objects and sat grumpily on the bed grabbing her stuffed bear at her side.

"Ohh it's not fair,Snuffy I'm so tired of living this pampered dull life! I want something new and exciting to happenin....Ohhhhh!" Alicia shrieked as she witnessed part of her lower feet was turning to shining crystal.

"Ahhhhh....What's happening to meeeeeeee!" She screamed as she continued to by a miracle change into beautiful crystals then into a equally stunning diamond form.

"This is.....so strange.....I-I'm actually turning into glass...noooo crystal!! Ahhhhhhh......B-but I sort of like it!!" As the young girl was somehow able to instantly change back with a smile.

"Wh....how did this happen to me? Why is this happening to me?" Alicia moaned as she dropped the bear and slowly stood up to look at her regular self in the mirror but still that sweet radiant smile remained.

"Ms. Thompson,are you in here? Your father's come home early and he's waiting for you!" Called Mrs. Helga,the chambermaid as the girl leaped up startled.

"Oh,okay thank you Helga,tell Daddy I'll be right there....." As she again looked at her sudden re-appearing diamond form with a smile.

Once again we turn our attention from the capitol of Va to the outskirts of Queens,NYC where young ten years old Russel Taylor is busy racing behind a unseen character.

Hey,hey wait up! I-I can't run as fast as you....." As he huffed and puffed.

"Come on twerp you're always such a slug kiddo. I ain't going to stick around for long. As there's some particular big business I got to take care of once we reach this guy's main shop." As the unseen figure finally stopped in front of a simple wooden stall where a shady man was waiting surrounded by strange trinkets lest to Russel.

"So you finally arrived eh boy? Good cause I was about to split...You got the dough? As the other unseen figure nodded.

Yep so you got the stuff I need? Cause I don't want anyone....

"Who's the boy and why is he here? Asked the unseen seller pointing to Russel.

"No one important! Anyway let's hurry this up and do it quickly! As the young boy Russel watches the two figures exchange very small objects in plastic bags.

A short time later Russel is at his house with his parents eating dinner.

"Russel,you're quiet tonight.Why don't you go ask your brother to come down for dinner. Asked his mother.

"I could but he's not even home mom. whoops that was supposed to be a secret...my bro told me to keep it...hidden.... I mean I'm' not exactly his biggest fan, despite me being so admired by him... As his parents exchanged glances.

"Not home? I wonder where he could be..... His father started but stopped as the telephone rang and his mother leaped up to answer it,her voice straining with every word she heard from the receiver.

What...NO! NOOOOOO I-IT CAN'T BE.......THERE MUST BE SOME KIND..." As she hung up the phone looking horrified as her husband rushed over to her in a tight hug.

Gloria,wha....what's wrong?" He demanded as tears begun falling from her eyes.

Frank....It's our son...he's...he's been arrested!" She choked out as Russel also jumped up startled.


"It..can't be!" Screamed his father.

But it is! Frank! The police got him down town in the station. Th...they said he was caught stealing stuff from a drifter and are planning to keep him over night unless we agree to pay the bail...Oh Frank,Russel what are we going to do?" As Russel was later sitting on his bed thinking hard to what to do.

What am I going to do? He's my brother! And I got to do something before the cops...." Before he came up with a sudden brainstorm.

A few minutes later the young boy Russel was standing outside the main Manhattan police department dressed in a homemade outfit of his own making of red and black with a baseball cap.

"This is it,my shining moment to save my brother from the slammerI hope I'm doing the right thing!" As he began running at full speed,faster than even physically possible for a human to do before grabbed by a heavyset cop just as he reached the main office.

"Hey kid what are you doing here? And what's with the weird get-up?"

"Eh th-that is- I....HEY LET GO OF ME!!" Russel cried out angrily as the cop started to usher him out of the cramped station.

"This isn't a place for a kid like you! I better get you out of here and back to the streets...Hey What th-" As the cop was blasted by seemly invisible hands across the room as Russel was left staring in shock at what just happened.

And finally we turn to the sunny state of Wisconsin in a small town of Green Bay where nine year old Jason Weaver,a Polish boy is looking over his schoolwork.

"There finally done with my science project,a home made model of the solar system! Boy do I love my job and all these science experiments...." As he stared around at the various whirling self-made airplanes,toys,his chemistry set and even a huge poster of Albert Einstein tacked on his far side wall.

"Yawn,boy am I tired.....time for a quick snooze..." As he sought to get up and head off to bed when feeling his head about to explode and clutched it frantically.

"Ahhhhh my head.....It's about to burst! This is the second time this has happened this week...when will it ever end.....ohhhh there it is again..." But the small ginger headed boy gasped out loud as if by magic a wooden pencil
popped out of nowhere right into his hand.

"I-I did it! I created another man-made object into my hand without any physical contact at all. And this time it took me less than five minutes this time around!" He cried happily glancing at the pencil which later vanished after a few seconds leaving him complexed until his mother called from down the stairs.

"Jason sweetie we're going out! you want anything from the store?"

"No thanks mom,I'm just resting...." As the boy instead of resting on his bed went back to stare at the poster of Einstein for a while thinking to himself.

"This strange yet unusual power I somehow have.....they could...really come in handy...there's bound to be something good I can do with them....."

A few days later Jason is visiting the television set of the world famous Johnny Carson discussing his rather unusual abilities.

"And folks that's not all for tonight luckily we have saved our most important and yet astonishing guest for last! This little kid's a real charmer,a total guest as you're about to see how he does the unrealistic things he does we doesn't a clue.....sooooo here's young Jason Weaver folks!" As accompanied by his folks the nine year old came onto the set looking a bit nervous sitting on the opposite chair next to the television host.

"Hi Jason nice to meet you and have you on the show!"

"Eh thanks Mr. Carson,it's a bit of a surprise from my folks. After they figured out what I could do I sort of become a celebrity in my hometown. So they brought me all the way here for a special television appearance."

"And speaking of which Jason,care to give the audience on set and at home a little demonstration? As I heard you can create almost anything out of thin air as by magic!" The host exclaimed.

"Yeah you heard right!" As the boy raised his hands into the air and a small bouncing ball appeared out of nowhere then it changed into a bucket of water and lastly a chair before vanishing altogether as the crowd in the audience gasped out loud and applaused loudly.

"Amazing,quite astonishing even! Jason,tell us how exactly can you do these things!"

"To tell the truth sir,I haven't a clue how it works. I guess I just simply think up the object or thing and it automatically appears...for a few seconds that is. I'm still not entirety how or why this is happening to me though." Jason shrugged with a glance at his parents in the audience.

"Well Jason, we have a special surprise. There are a couple of federal agents in the audience and they're also amazed by your unique abilities and informed me they're requested to take you on a special tour to meet the Chief himself in the White House. How does that sound?" The host asked as the boy began sweating and mumbled a inaudible reply.

"Well...eh you see th-that is...I'm not really sure that's a good idea..I only scheduled this to be a private interview and...." Jason started before.....

Flash back to Present Day.

"Hey Jase are you still with us? you sort of zoned out for a bit!" As the 4 kids were now stationed at a lone picnic table in Meridian Hill Park.

"Huh? oh yeah I was just.....never mind anyway what we discussing again?" As the youngest boy blinked around at everyone else.

"We were discussing what to call ourselves." Alicia said slurping up a fountain ice cream soda on the far left of the table.

"Huh? What for? You guys act like we're supposed to be superkids or superheroes or something?"

"I wouldn't go that far Russel,but we all four of us somehow have been bestowed with strange unique abilities! I mean I already kind of figured out one for myself....since I can turn into a giant lava-monster or boy and seemly control lava so I'm calling myself Volcano Boy!" Larry said proudly looking at his partially glowing granite form then turned to Russel.

"What about you Russel,what have you decided to call yourself?" As the boy in the strange miniature pressure suit shrugged.

"If I knew exactly what I had,I would know what to call myself!" Before Jason pulled out a small book from his side and began reading from it.

"Actually I've been looking into your particular ability Russel. It's called Inertia,or the amount of matter has to a change in motion or rest, increasing, decreasing and/or maintaining it in other words here trying moving this book..."

"Inertia? Sounds really funky man! I never heard of such a thing. But you said I can control what was it again.....a object's motion?" Russel asked arching a eyebrow. "I can't even see these so-called Inertia Forces."

"Well it's a bit difficult to understand lest from your perspective Russ, but luckily this book should give you all the answers you need." As he handed over the book towards the boy who nodded.

"Thanks if it's this Inertia-whatever you call it then I'll take your word for it! Anyway I decided to call myself the Forcer as I can't think of anything else."

"The Forcer? Sounds like a bad John Wayne film. But anyway how about you Jason...." Larry rolled his eyes bluntly but Alicia cut across him.

"Well I don't know about you cool cats and your dull names but I'm all for calling myself Diamond Girl mostly due to this:" As she by a miracle transformed part of her upper body into a shining diamond form and back again beaming. "Pretty groovy huh?"

"Yeah neat name Lisa! Anyway I'm calling myself Warplad since I can basically create any thing at will from thin air." Jason grinned at all of them before turning serious. "So with the actual titles out of the way aren't we here to discuss more important things? Like how any of us got these super-powers to begin with? Eh were any of you experimented on by aliens or born in a science lab ?" As he looked around they all shook their heads stating firmly no.

"We'll worry about it later on. I think I found our first suspect on these mysterious robberies! See these federal agents over there by the water fountain? There's a private investigator with them." Larry stated suddenly pointing.

"Yeah so." Russel stated coldly.

"I spotted him a few times before....he's always nosing about the oddest places...the Washington Monument,Lincoln Memorial....he's supposed to be helping to stop these robberies..." As he was cut off by Jason.

"So you want us to trail this sneaky private investigator guy all because of your eerie hunch?"

"Exactly." The blond haired boy replied cooly.

"Hold on why should you be in charge Lava boy? I'd say both me and Jason has far better smarts than you." Russel said arching his eyebrows.

"Because while all of you were busy here blabbering away about your special powers and such, I was actually stalking around asking about this 'Ralph Hamill' PI that's what he calls himself by the way....see how weird he looks.." As he pointed directly at the short guy with brown hair dressed in a thick tan colored trench coat and newsboy cap talking to the guys in dark suits.

"And you're absolutely sure you blokes didn't see any mysterious figures running around here? Carrying a bunch of shiny valuables? Cause that's what the other guys down near the Lincoln Memorial told me a few minutes ago." The short guy Ralph said his hand on his chin.

"Sir,for the last time we can reassure you,we federal agents have everything under control! If there are any more mysterious robberies or thefts around here. We'll be sure to catch the perpetrator. Now please move aside." One of the men said in a annoyed tone as the guy finally did back away but Larry alone managed to catch the cold smirk upon his face as he inched away and ushered Alicia or Diamond Girl to follow him.

"Larry,I'm trailing this Ralph guy down 11 Street NE and so far I haven't witnessed any suspicious activity from him besides him being rude to a few crossing guards." Alicia spoke into a miniature walkie-talkie as she alone was secretly trailing after them man dressed the same tan colored trench coat.

"I hear you Lisa,keep trailing him,I have been watching this guy for hours now and have seen him harboring some pretty weird objects in that rack-sack car of his!" Larry's voice came from the other end as he and the others were back at the tree house looking up more clues to the on going robberies.

"Okay but I really hate sneaking around like this and especially when I keep shifting between my regular self and my diamond form. I-it's so humiliating.....hold up where did he go? He was just here."/i} As Alicia stopped in her tracks looking around wildly.

"Alicia,what's wrong?"

"The private investigator h-he's gone I lost him! Oh wait hold on Larry,I think he ran in here....." As she noticed one of the metal doors to the Washington Monument was open and carefully avoiding the numerous guards,quickly ran inside.

"Wha the hey-This place is actually being occupied and not just by tourists and the guards..." She muttered to herself noticing that was happened to be a hidden,secure room not accessible by the public and quickly took a peek inside gasping at what she was seeing.

"GASP...Larry,it's all the loot-the thief stole...it's all here right in the Monument itself! IT...AHHHHHH!!" As something unexpectedly came up behind the girl knocking her unconscious.

"Ha,nice try sneaking up on me girlie but you're outta your league if you think a snot nosed kid like you can spoil my goods!" As the same private investigator Ralph Hamill was standing over the young girl gloating finally he pulled off his false face mask and trench coat revealing a very huge man wearing a odd types of shiny futuristic kind of suit made of silver,he didn't appear to have any amount of hair only a single white ponytail from the back of his head and wore thick black sunglasses.

"I guess I might as well get rid of you girlie before you come to and spill my secret...HEY!!" As Alicia suddenly and unexpectedly came to,gasped at the sight of the former PI's true identity and leaped to her feet.

"Wha-Who are you? Wait....you're...that Ralph guy....but..." She broke out as she saw his weird get-up.

"Ralph? Yeah that was a false ID! My real name's Alphideous and as you can see I'm not from around here....since you stumbled upon my plans of robbing this entire dimension blind,I might as well just finish you off....." As much to her shock the heavyset,burly man pulled out a strange type of raygun and pointed it at it as she gasped loudly again,Alicia felt herself shifting into her diamond form again as the man let out a surprised cry.

"So you also possess super-powers huh? I don't know how you can turn into that crystal form and I hate to do this to a kid but you're too nosy and much of a nuisance to be kept alive........ " As he took aim and fired a red beam at the girl both cried out in amazement as instead of hurting her at all the beam merely bounced off of her tough diamond like skin.

"I-I'm still alive? It didn't hurt me..." She thought checking her undamaged body out in sheer amazement as the man took aim again and reacting quickly Alicia struck out at the weapon and at her mere touch it broke apart.

"HEY-Okay you're dead meat now girlie!" The man Alphideous shouted as he reached for another weapon on his belt but the girl quickly without planning threw herself out of a nearby window,utterly shocked as rather than breaking through the glass she simply passed right through it like a ghost,as if it wasn't there at all.

"*Pant,pant....how did I do that? I just went right through the glass like... huh?" As she stole a look at herself and was beyond shocked as now she had transformed into a glass like figurine but was still able to move but before she could get another good look at her newly transformed form,there was a nearby shout as Larry,Russel and Jason rushed up to her panting.

"Where have you been Lisa? We-I never heard back from you after you....hey what are you covered in plastic?" Larry stammered glaring at the equally tired girl.

"Glass actually,but listen to me all of you! That private eye guy,Ralph Hamill....he's not what we think he is! Oh Larry you're right he's been the one stealing everything,right inside the Monument itself(gesturing to it) but he's also a..." Alicia muttered before clutching her chest.

"If this guy's really behind the robberies,maybe we should alert the authorities or contact the feds!" Jason said thoughtfully but Alicia cut across him.

"None of them would be a match for him Jason,not this guy,I already seen what types of weapons he has, and how dangerous he is!" The girl made of glass replied still clutching her side.

"Then it's up to us to handle this guy." Larry said suddenly as the other three looked shockingly at him.

"Us? y-you're kidding right?" Russel asked,his eyes wide. "We're just a bunch of kids!!"

"A bunch of kids who happen to possess special,unique powers! Look we're the only ones who can do this so let's go on and find this guy and bring him to justice!!" Larry said as he once more transformed into his granite red-orange form. The other three kids exchanged looks and slowly nodded.

"Okay I'm in!" Jason said at once.

"Me too." Alicia said without hesitation. "Russel are you coming?"

"Sigh fine as much as I'm to really regret this yeah I'm in." The boy in the pressure suit sighed.

"Okay come on,Alicia,lead the way." Larry or Volcano Boy said as the girl transformed back into her shining diamond form began sprinting towards the enormous spire.

As the four kids slowly made their way inside the huge spire looking around at all the historical artifacts,statues and plagues scattered around the place.

"So where is this Alphideous guy at Alicia?" Russel asked looking around.

"I-I'm not sure,he was right in there with all the loot he stole,so he could be anywhere...." She began but Larry suddenly pointed upwards.

"Up there at the top,he's gotta be up there!" As the four quickly leaped over the red roped out area to their right restricted to guests and began sprinting up the long winding stairs finally out of breath they finally reached the top into the huge open area.

"So this is it...sure he's not out trying to swipe stuff from the Pentagon......" Russel asked before WHAM!! something heavy slammed into him and he flew into a nearby wall.

"RUSSEL!!" The others cried out as the strange and huge man still dressed in that odd silver future like outfit stepped out of the shadows grinning menacingly.

"So you're back are you girl? And it appears you brought some friends...too bad they're be joining you...."

"And us friends are apparently armed!" Larry said transforming into his granite,rock like formation again as the man's eyes grew wide.

"What th-All of you has strange powers? No matter none of you are a match for me or my future tech!" As Larry stepped forward,Jason ran over to check up on the unconscious Russel.

"So you're the guy whose been swiping everything? you don't look so tough." As he went to punch the heavyset man who with one hand grabbed and tossed him aside then he pulled out another one of his rayguns and fired it at the boy unable to avoid it as it was some kind of freezing beam,caught into a sold block of ice the boy was literally frozen in place.

"Cool off Lava Kid!" He smirked as he took aim again but this time Alicia or Diamond Girl leapt forward knocking the weapon from his hand as the thug went to attack her,Alphideous was blasted off his feet by a unseen force as Alicia whipped around to see Russel back on his feet looking peeved.

"Your turn big boy! See? I finally managed to get this Inert...thingy under control! He grinned triumphantly as he and Jason rushed forward.

"Doesn't matter,none of you twerps are a match!!" As the man pulled out a fishing net and threw it at him Russel was immediately being literally shocked as electric energy was shooting through his body.

"AHHHHHHHH! THE PAIN....SOMEONE HELP ME!! He screamed in agony.

"Hang on Russel!!" Jason cried as he raised his hand and in a flash,the electric net as it vanished and Larry leaped to his own feet firing from his hands what looked like molten lava at the man but to his shock even at nearly 100 degrees of flesh burning heat,it did absolutely no damage whatever to his skin or that weird suit of his.

"Huh? It didn't even faze him! That was hot scorching lava!!" The blond boy choked out.

"Ha,told you ya little babies can't hurt me!!,Time to send you home packing..." As he charged forward and this time Russel recovering quickly from the net,leaped forward and kicked him with abnormal speed and strength.

"Offfff......You little......" As Alphideous was knocked into a huge statue of George Washington and got up once more completely unharmed.

"You kids seem to be dumber than the lifeless statues in this place! But I got better things to do so first I'm going to finish you all off one by one painfully!" As he stood back up and pulled out a new weapon-a small bomb and hurled it at the four kids.

"Don't worry boys,I got this one!" As Alicia in now a crystal form threw herself forward and practically absorbed the explosive device as it exploded the others cried out but once the smoke cleared,the girl was standing fully intact and unharmed.

"Lisa,are you....." Jason started but she shook her head.

"A bit dazed but I'm fine." She replied as Larry turned to all of them.

"We got to rush him together! He can't take all of us at once!!" As the other three nodded the thug charged at them once more but this time ready for him,Larry fired another gob of molten lava at him and using this as a distraction,Russel delivered a roundhouse kick at his torso to which Alphideous tossed him aside and Jason materialized a few cannon balls which managed to bowl the criminal over and Alicia in her diamond form once more cut through his thick silvery suit to which the thug cried out surprised.

"What th-It ain't possible!! You twerps broke through my defenses but I'm still going to...." Before Larry delivered a swift uppercut knocking him across the room as the four slowly approached him,the villain realized he was quite unmatched and pulled out a new small device.

"I had enough of this! You little punks are tougher than you look! So I'm outta here!" As he pressed a button on the device and within a blinding flash of light the kids shielded their eyes.

"H-he's gone! He vanished!" Alicia cried shocked as the four began looking around rapidly but there was a sudden outcry of loud voices as several armed police officers and federal agents raced into the huge room.

"What's going on? What are these kids doing up here?" One officer shouted drawing his gun.

"It's all over officers! The thug's already been revealed but he got away but if you'd look downstairs in a hidden room near the plague of Teddy Roosevelt,you'll find all the loot he's stolen." Larry explained gesturing downwards to the lobby below several of the adults looked awestruck and a bit bewildered at the four seemly normal children and at one another.

"Y-you're sure of this son? You're not joking?" One of the feds asked as all four nodded and one of his fellows said something to the others.

"Well okay come on guys let's see if these kids are telling the truth and you kids,come on let's get you out of here." As the four grinned mischievously at each other as they followed the cops out of the huge national monumental.

As the four kids were back at the tree house.

"So not half bad for our first real outing huh? Pretty groovy adventure wasn't it?" Jason said as he kicked back in the lounge chair the tree house was fortunately large enough to support.

"Speak for yourself Tiny Tim,I'm still pretty sore\ from that buffoon tossing me into that glass display of the Constitution!" Russel grumbled,rubbing the back of his neck. "But nonetheless yeah it was exciting to say the least."

"But we still might need to meet up back here often in case there might be any more signs of trouble involving the capitol or even the world! Plus we still haven't a clue to how or why we got these strange abilities." Alicia pointed out as she and Larry looked over the computer at the center of the room.

"Yeah good idea. Speaking of which, does anyone have any ideas what name we use start calling ourselves?" Larry asked as he turned around to stare back at the other three.

"Well I'd choose 'Super Kids' but it sounds far too corny." Jason muttered sucking on a piece of candy he had created out of thin air.

"How about Ultra Kids?" Russel asked to which the others shook their heads.

"If you cats are really square about this whole being a team and super-hero business then we should choose one that's really unique and totally original. Like Street Kids maybe?" Alicia thought out loud.

"Street Kids eh? Well it's okay I guess but we'll have to work on more groovy names in the future." Larry joked. "Anyway you guys better get home, I'll take over from here." As the other three waved farewell and took their leave.


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