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What I believe this song's message is
While I did not like the video at all, the lyrics after several times of playing the song started to make sense. What this song is saying to me is that you must stay optimistic and not let all the bad things that come your way in life knock you down. The guy thinks he’s an idiot perhaps for getting drunk. But in the chorus, you are urged to use these sad moments in life and turn them into a learning experience. You need to laugh at all the negative items that happened and just don’t let it hold you down. In the song he repeatedly tells us that he’s not scared because he knows, has learned, that everything works out in the end. Life is what you make it. I don’t know if “100 Bad Days” equals 100 good stories or not. That would depend on what happened and how will these stories were delivered. All in all, not a bad song.
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