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a scene about the betrayal of a government operative
The lightning flashed, lighting up the darkness as bright as day, even tho it was only for a split second. I was laying on the ground, this masked man standing above me. His blade was pointed downward at me, my blood dripping from the tip of the blade.
“You can’t beat me, boy,” he stated with an evil smile on his face,” You never could.”
“I don’t have to beat you,” I exclaimed as I crawled back a bit more.
“Look at you, boy,” he commented as he took a step closer to me, as I did my best to crawl backward,” You are running away from me.”
I started laughing as I stopped crawling backward and looked up at him as he stood over me, his eyes focused solely on me, “I’m not crawling away from you, Stormy.”
My voice stopped, I saw in his eyes he figured out exactly what I was doing.
“I’m positioning you.”
He looked to one side briefly than the other, but when he saw nothing his gaze changed its intensity, which told me he truly believed I was bluffing him. He started laughing as he figured out my plan for him, he took his gaze off me for just a second or two.
When his gaze hanged a bit, I grabbed my knife sitting by my hand and plunged it deep inside his side just as a lightning bolt shot through the air, illuminating it like day once again.
I heard him scream in pain as my blade was driven deep into the side of his chest, then with a push of a switch the blade was released and it shot straight into his chest stopping only when the blade protruded out the other side of his chest.
The screaming suddenly stopped, and his body collapsed to the ground, partially falling on top of me. It laid there lifeless for a few minutes before I pushed him off me. I got up from the ground, pain-racked body and all. I struggled as I stood up under my own strength, which remained but in a very weakened condition.
I saw my radio laying near the spot he first attacked me. I stumbled over and picked it up.
“Archer one to base, ready for pick up,” I spoke into the microphone.
The radio was silent for a few minutes, but just as I was about to announce it again. The radio shuddered back to life.
“Roger Archer one,” the voice stated with surprise over the radio frequency,” proceed to the rendezvous point as planned for extraction.”
“Copy that, “I said.
I knew I would never make it back home again. The surprise in the voice when I survived told me that, without a doubt. But I knew I had to try anyway, I owed it to ‘her’ to make it back. So, through this torrential rainstorm, I walked. I found the trial I used earlier and slowly and carefully I made my way down the mountain.
The trail wasn’t that rough, but what made it hard was that I was injured by the killer knife during the end fight. I knew the wound was deep and bleeding profusely. I knew stitches would be needed but in the field was not the place nor time to give them to myself.
I slowly and surely made my way down the mountain, falling occasionally and rolling a bit down the side, being stopped only by the lonesome tree that slammed into my side, mist probably breaking a rib or two in the process.
Pain ripped through my body, light the bolts of lightning that ran through the sky. Although my resolve to get home was stronger than anything else, so I pushed onward, through the pain and the rain. After a bit, I made to the extraction point. It was a small field on the outskirts of the town I was in, there was no technical support there, just an empty field.
I pulled out the small radio I had earlier. Then spoke clearly into the microphone.
“Archer one extraction point achieved,” I said in a broken voice as I really had no strength left to give this mission,” Ready for extraction.”
As before the radio was dead silent for a minute or two. I repeated my call once again. This time after about thirty seconds the radio sprang to life again.
“Roger Archer one,” the voice said coldly over the radio,” Helo is inbound.”
As soon as the radio went silent again, the sound of a helicopter was heard coming from behind me. It was soft at first, barely perceivable but quickly grew louder and louder as it approached. I thought it was weird that it approached me from the downwind side of me, and coincidently, the side further away from the base I came out of.
I waited in the cover of a tree cluster until I saw the single helicopter appear near me. I stepped out of the safe spot, heading towards where it would land to pick me up. I still didn’t move as fast as I should have been, just as well. I moved as fast as I could, but about halfway from where I needed to be the Helo suddenly turned sideways, its troop door facing me and open with a single man sitting there looking directly at me.
I realized instantly there and then; I knew I had been betrayed. As soon as I saw that he saw me. He produced a sniper’s rifle, shouldered the weapon, looking through the sights directly at me. I knew I was done for, and that there is no way out of this predicament. I trusted the wrong people even though I was warned about trusting them, I ignored my warnings.
I looked at the sniper as he aimed in, I could literally feel where his gaze hit my body, and as soon as he saw what he needed he fired a single shot, and everything went black and dark for me. I felt my body fall over backward, it hit the rocky ground hard. All I could do was to just lay there helpless.
As I laid there, I barely could open y eyes and the image of the helicopter flew way towards the mountain and the forest I just emerged from. Once it as out of sight, and sound, I felt the silence sent back in for me.
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