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I don't fit in with other Millennials.
Millennials are the generation that's changing the world. They have the technology, ambition, and passion for following through with making their dreams a reality.

Not me, though. I'm ambitious enough and more than passionate about my future, but my technology know-how is mediocre at best. I also don't have the flexibility to drop out of college and start my own YouTube channel to make a living. I don't know the first thing about designing websites, either. I'm clueless about the alternative options around me, so I'm merely trudging through college to earn a degree that will hopefully get me a career.

I'm also too cautious. A lot of Millennials with their own success story gained said success by standing out. I have no problem standing out, but standing out alone does nothing. For instance, if a woman gets famous on Instagram, she'll have to manage her account and open an online store where her fans can purchase her merchandise. With my busy schedule, I cannot even imagine having the time to manage all that.

I might be thinking about Gen Z, too, though. Gen Z members practically grew up in the age of technology and innovation; they're learning from us Millennials. Today, we have kids around twelve years old selling hand-made goods and becoming ambassadors of political issues. Meanwhile, I'm sitting at home struggling to figure out how to access a damned assignment on Cengage.

When I think of this, I can relate to those Boomers who complain about us younger generations, "getting lucky." As someone who has also learned that there's only one path to success in a world where that's not it at all, I also feel disappointed. I'm not even looking for a job, and I'm already dissatisfied with my career. The problem here is that we're expecting change to happen without doing anything. If we want to acquire the same success as those around us, we need to make it happen ourselves, and it's never too late to make that change.
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