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My communication style is unique.
I've never been good at communicating. To me, teaching what I want with others is like stepping on hot coals in midair. I never expect people to understand what I'm saying entirely, yet I go in with such high expectations.

At least I put in more effort than I did in past years, especially when I'm writing and have time to lay out what I want to say. When I write, I have all the time in the world to alter my words to fit the message I want to send to even the most minute detail. Also, unlike spoken words, a written email remains present tangibly for its recipient to view any time he/she wants.

I try to apply this strategy to spoken communication. Communicating in person has always felt more urgent to me, which is why I like to make appointments for things that involve spoken communication. I have learned to organize my thoughts before going into these sessions. If I were to forget something important, it would feel like a disaster. I also try not to neglect to have something to talk about before I come to these sessions; even the smallest problems can go from molehills to mountains.

I still have issues with feeling as if my point hasn't come across one-hundred percent yet not knowing what else to say. This problem has been haunting me ever since I began communicating with others. It's more familiar with speaking because, as I said before, spoken communication feels more urgent. I feel like I don't have time to slow down and plan my words in this urgency, which makes me more prone to debilitating frustration. Depending on how I'm feeling, I'll either perseverate on the issue or give up and refuse to communicate further. It's a good thing I'm taking the initiative to avoid this issue, though, because I absolutely loathe when it happens.
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