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On the day a nation emerged
Two year old baby, he can't tell much
All that he has just to, see and watch.
If you start a fairy, then he looks with wonder
Try to get it but, nothing in his head can enter.
Lying on mummy's haunch, sucks the nipple
Hungry baby fill stomach, learnt to eat too apple.
Fighter jet flies away, to throw down shell
Little baby cries out, the horrible sound that startle.
Mom holds her baby tight, she's scared too
In a war, mom for baby, nothing much can do.
Fear in heart, fear in eyes,mom and daddy quiet
Fight is on free the nation ,tooth and nail fight.
December, '71,war was almost in end
Pakistan was defeated, they couldn't defend.
On the date of 16, the East was totally free
Bangladesh the name they took, emerged new country.
The baby was still then lying on the haunch,
Mom gave the news of war, but he slept after launch.
Who that little baby was, I'm asking, can you guess?
I think it ain't hard to tell, it was me..ha ha..Yes !

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