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Alex's mother tells him that he is fat and needs to lose weight! What does his dad think?
The following morning, Paul Honeydew makes a call to the doctor's office requesting to visit his long time friend and fat admirer, Dr. Johnathan Feedar. He was able to schedule an appointment in 3 days because they have been back up to a later time. Shortly after, he goes to the dining room to find his son stuffing his face with his favorite cereal, Crunchy Biscuits. It’s a cereal where it looks like there are little chocolate chip cookies floating around as cereal. Not that there was much left in his bowl, that is. "Alright, Alex. It's time for school!."

"Wait, dad. I'm almost done!" He pours another cup's worth of whole chocolate milk to wash down the rest of his cereal which he gulps down in a hurry straight from the bowl. His belly is quite content after a large 2 bowls of cereal and what looked to be a half-gallon of whole chocolate milk. His belly was already sticking out more than normal and it was still morning. Having overheard his conversation on the phone, he asks, "Why are we going to the doctor?" says Alex, putting up his own bowls in the sink.

"Well, son... we are..."

"Just going for your yearly check-up." Added mom, all dressed up to go to the public. She looks up and down at her chubby son. He was wearing tan cargo shorts, black dinosaur shoes which complimented his dark hair, and a light blue shirt with clouds on it which was no mostly covered with chocolate milk. "Alex, you have to be more careful when drinking and not get so much on you. It's all over your shirt. Go upstairs and change, now."

"Yes, mama." He waddles all the way up the stairs getting out of breath at the top stopping to catch his breath.

"Hurry up, Alex! We are running late as it is!" Alex is now sprinting as fast as his chubby legs will carry him, in fear of his mother's wrath. She turns to her husband, "Does that really not concern you? Most kids are bouncing up and down all the time but he can even go up a flight of stairs without getting so winded."

"Honey, relax. He is still young and he will be a lot older before all of those supposed problems you keep talking about will rise anyway. He still has all of that time to lose it if he wants too and he may not even want too. He seems to like it. Let him be a kid! He will not be that way forever."

"Paul, listen to me! Our son is fat and he needs to eat healthier. We are both guilty of letting him eat whatever he wants. That time is over and we will hear what the doctor will have to say about that. Maybe then, you will be concer..."

"What!?" They both look up and see a distressed Alex in a slightly too small redshirt for his growing belly. "What do you mean I'm fat. I'm not fat! Daddy says I'm just right." He is clearly mad and his chubby cheeks are turning red.

"No, Alex. You are fat and we have been letting you eat far too much junk around here. This has to stop.” She comes down to his level. It’s for your own good. No more candy, no more sugary cereals, pizza, mac and cheese.” She continues to name off several more foods as Alex’s face starts to well up with tears.

“But, mommy! That all the foods I love!! What did I do to make you hate me!!!” He starts full-on crying at this point.

Alex turns back and hugs his dad’s leg. “Darla did you have to be so harsh. He just about to go to school! Could this talk have waited?” She just glares at him and turns to Alex.

“Alex, I’m doing this for your own good. Your health is going to go away unless I do something.” She looks down at her watch and sees that she is running late for work. Alex is simmering down by this point. "I'm sorry I made you cry, but I have to go now. I have packed you a healthy lunch today. I have to go I’m late for work. Paul, you will have to take him to school today, I’m running late for work.” She goes and kisses Alex and Paul on the forehead, hand Alex and Paul their lunches and heads out the door. Alex still red from crying looks at his lunch then looks at his dad.

“ I don’t want it. Don’t make me eat it.” Paul looks at him with sympathy.

“Yes, you do have to eat your lunch because your mother said so, but…” He fishes out some money from his wallet. “Here is some money to go through the lunch line and get you something extra nice.” Alex takes the money with newfound happiness wiping away the last tear from his eye. “Now let’s get you some food before school. I bet all that crying has made you hungry, hasn’t it?” Alex nods yes expectantly. “Let’s go to McDennys. There is always something you like there.” They both get into the car and travel to McDennys to get some more breakfast before school.“ The pull through the drive-through. “What do you want, big guy? I don’t want you to get hungry halfway through the day.”

Alex was pretty full on cereal but all the delicious fast food smells were driving Alex crazy. He ordered the Big Breakfast combo with 3 large pancakes, 2 sausage patties, 4 slices of bacon, a biscuit, and a large soda. They drive as fast as they can to school with a few minutes to spare to eat his big breakfast. He crams into his mouth a fork full of pancakes.

“Thanks, dad. You always know how to make me feel better.”

“You’re welcome. I find that food is the best medicine for everything. We do not tell your mother about this, understand? If you tell, you won’t be able to eat this good food anymore then I will get in trouble.”

“Mhmm…” He nods in agreement with his mouth full of bacon. Paul watches his son finish off his big breakfast. Going back and forth eating bacon and sausage one in each hand. He looks as happy as can be. His belly is getting fuller and fuller. By the time he is done, his shirt has ridden up some and shows some of his soft belly that did not before. Why does she want to take away what makes him happy?

“Looks like we will be getting you some new clothes, soon.” He pokes his newly exposed belly. “Alex laughs and hugs his dad. “Bye, dad. See you after school.” He gets out of the car and slowly waddles to class breathing a little heavier than normal. He hadn’t noticed before but he has developed a good waddle, now. Have I always heard his breath like that before? He has really been packing on the pounds. Before he goes into the door, he watches his son really pat and rub his belly with a smile on his face. He seems to love it, so why change?

Lunchtime rolls around and it feels like Alex has eaten in ages. He brings his lunch to the table eager to see what is inside but is disappointed to remember that his mother packed him a healthy lunch of a ham and cheese sandwich, a cheese stick, carrot sticks, cold yogurt, and celery and peanut butter. He also is reminded by the jingling in his pocket that his dad gave him lunch money for the cafeteria and all their delicious treats. He gets into the line to get a big slice of pizza, mashed potatoes and gravy, garlic bread, an ice cream, and about 4 Little Dame snack cakes of all sorts. He gets out of the line and looks for his friend Riley. He is kind of tall wearing a very loose-fitting red pixel Super Mario shirt, jean shorts, and a red beanie to cover his long golden locks. He gets to the table and is greeted by his very skinny friend Riley.

“Dude, that’s a lot of food. Are you going to finish all that!?”

“Of course I am!” Alex says in an exaggerated voice. “My belly is big enough and I feel hungry enough. This is going to be the last good food I’m having for a while and I’m going to enjoy every last bite of it.” He starts digging in taking a large bite of his pepperoni pizza.

“What do you mean?” Riley asks while still picking at his food.

“My mom hates me all the sudden and I don’t know why. All she wants me to do is eat healthy food now. Just look what she packed me!” He gestures to all the uneaten food left in his lunch box.

“What, wrong? It all looks good to me?”

“It’s all rabbit food! You could feed all of this to a rabbit and it would be fine. I want people food and all of its greasy goodness!” He takes another bite followed by a scoop of mashed potatoes and swig of soda. Alex goes into a burst of ecstasy. A perfect mixture of sugary and starchy. A perfect mixture of pizza and soda. “How is pizza supposed to be bad for you when it tastes this good?” He dips his pizza into the gravy and takes another bite. “Plus what do you know about food? You’re as skinny as a twig. As my daddy says, being all skin and bones is not conducive to a growing boy.”

“What does conducive mean?”

“I dunno? I think it means that a kid shouldn’t be able to go behind a light post and not be seen because you too skinny.”

“Shut up, big boy!” He playfully punches Alex in the arm. Riley notices the time. “You better get eating or you are going to run out of time!” He gestures to the clock. They both continue eating. Riley picks at his food until he is not interested anymore. “Hey dude, you want these chips I didn’t eat?”

“What kind of question was that? Of course, I want them! Gimmie, here.” He greedily shoves nearly the whole bag of chips into his mouth very quickly. He finishes off the mashed potatoes and gravy and soaks up the rest of the gravy with the pizza crust. He looks at the untouched healthy food and takes the sandwich and wolfs it down in a heartbeat. He demolishes the rest of his cafeteria leaving only the vegetables. He hesitantly tries one of the celery sticks, takes a big crunch and immediately spits it out. “Ughhhhh! How do rabbits eat this stuff all the time?” He trashes the rest of the veggies and stuffs the other snack cakes to eat during class later leaving with a full and content belly, jiggling as he walks to class.

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