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by Norman
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A dust mote lost in space
I tried to keep from dozing off;
it was that time of day.
I glanced around the empty room
and spied the last sun ray.

It crept between some slanted blinds
and settled on a chair.
My weary mind could not engage
and I could only stare.

Some dust motes floated in the air,
caught in the fading sun.
But soon they all would disappear,
just vanish one by one.

But what if they are more than dust,
what if they’re really stars?
Or planets in a galaxy,
like Jupiter and Mars.

And what if there is really life
on each and every spec?
Yeah, even though they are so small,
no bigger than a fleck.

And what if Earth is just like that?
A dust mote lost in space.
And we are merely passengers,
our hopeless human race.

Oh, hold that thought!
Sounds like dinner’s ready.

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