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How this tragedy has been made so much worse by Trump's actions, or lack thereof...
The Virus - Trumped...

I burst into your careless world
where my brute force has been unfurled.
I crept in like a roaring mouse
and snaked my way into your house.
They set me free,
no sight to see
that sickness, DEATH - belongs to me.

I've spread out far - I've spread out wide.
So many places I can hide!
Within your crowds, your family's roots,
on packaged goods... Armani suits.
I found a way
into the fray
of human victims - now my prey.

I care not if you're young or old.
I'll bring you right into my fold.
Where you will cough, and choke for air.
I'll fill your lungs with my despair.
Then move right on
from dusk to dawn.
From town to town - where I can spawn.

A world of suckers at my feet.
I wine and dine from street to street.
Such silly humans - no defense
against my power to dispense
my rapid spread,
one step ahead
of feeble mind-sets, full of dread.

You make it easy as you group
together in your tight-knit troops.
You share my germs so I can dwell
amongst the millions, lost in hell.
For I advance
with sword and lance,
and show my victims - deaths last dance.

Your leader's squandered precious time
denying my sheer strength to climb.
My power reigns within the crowds,
your leader's head up in the clouds.
Your world's been Trumped,
and you've been dumped.
Now I am winning! - Fiercely pumped!

Your devastation is my game.
And I have Trump to fuel my flame.
His lies are helping me to grow.
His lack of knowledge makes him slow.
From where I stand,
Trump's loose command
has dealt you all the devil's hand.

And thus, I'm here - where I will stay
amongst the crowds where I will lay
in wait for YOU to spread my seed.
My thanks to Trump - who would not heed.
Your numbers soar...
I've won this war!
I'm here to stay... forever more…

R.L.M. - Patriot

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