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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Cultural · #2222045
A world that has gone mad
Half the world is helpless
The other half is bad
And so the rest of us must live
In a world that has gone mad

It is a very strange place
Where we have come to be
And yet we have no path to take
No outlet that I see

We’re not inside some prison
Confined behind steel bars
Or shuttered where we never glimpse
The landscape or the stars

And yet we might as well be
For we’re not truly free
In some ways we have come to live
Under the hangman’s tree

Half the world has power
The other half is worn
Which leaves the rest of us to dwell
In a world that is forlorn

So what does all this tell you?
Are we victims or to blame?
Unless we step up to the plate
We are one and the same

We have to be more active
And change this awful plight
If we can join with half the world
Then we can make a fight

Half the world is hopeless
The other half is blind
Which leaves the rest of us to see
A world that isn’t kind

No longer the outsiders
We’ll have to choose a side
Will we stand and fix this mess?
Or will we duck and hide?

Do you have a conscience?
Will you join me?
If we unite and take a stand
This world could still be free

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