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Fear of mind
In my childhood, when I ran through the open field, playing with my mates ,one day, looking up on the sky, it appeared in my mind, that the sky will break down into pieces and fell on the earth. This thought scared me very much and I started running for home, leaving behind all my mates on the field. One of them calling my name from behind and asking why I was running.
I did not look back, straight running for my dad's home, my only safe place in this earth. when I reached the front door, breathing fast, and felt tired, fear in my eyes. Mummy was preparing dinner, dad will return home any moment. She looked at me, came running from the kitchen, she was scared too, she asked "what happened my baby, why are you scared ?"
She brought one glass of water from the dinning table, sat on the sofa beside me and rubbing her left hand on my head and was waiting for the answer.
I drunk water and told her what thought came in my mind when I was playing. I was shaking, my legs, hands were shaking too, my throat became dried. Mummy took me on her lap that I became quiet. She tried to give comfort, said, you foolish boy! Is this can ever happen ? Great God has made this galaxy so strongly, perfectly, and beautifully, nothing of all these gonna break. And He loves children. He will never ever hurt you. And above all, you are a very good boy. God loves all the good boys very much.
My fear of mind was about to disappear after these. I started running again through the field, playing with my friends. They were very happy to see me back.
But the rainy season came, and it was raining with thunder all the times, day and night. It was really frightening. I stopped going field. Mummy said, "it's o.k, don't play in rain, you better call your friends to come home, and play in your room. I will make a cake for you." This was really fine. And I played whole day in my room, I was very happy. But in the evening rain started again , and the sound of thunder, made me scared again and I stopped playing, I was shaking and shouting. These scared my friends too.Dad was in the home, he came running, and asked why am I shouting? Mummy came too, she told briefly everything. Dad became worried.
One day my parents took me to psychiatrist. But they didn't let me know anything. Not even about the person I met, that he was a psychiatrist.
After few months I started fearing again, lying under the ceiling fan. I could not sleep comfortably, cause the thought came when this fan will fell upon my head, I will die.
Ceiling fan was removed and Dad bought a table fan for me. Day by day I was getting sick. Wherever I went, I first looked up above, not the ground, worrying about my safety.

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