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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Entertainment · #2230023
I gave it my all
Bloodied and sweaty
I gave it my all
Damned if I’d give up
I’d be last to fall

I looked to the end line
Determined to win
It was DO OR DIE time
I wouldn’t give in

Each step was a struggle
I had to dig deep
No time to get lazy
And no time to weep

My partner was dragging
She’d had quite enough
She had to find courage
She had to get tough

I pulled her along then
And picked up the pace
Together we’d win this
The three-legged race

Each year at this picnic
I have come in last
I’ve trained for this moment
I thought I was fast

I couldn’t lose this time
Not after my bet
If we didn’t win this
I’d be deep in debt

My brother and uncle
Were the favorite pair
They grinned as they passed us
With nary a care

Next time I’ll be wiser
Next time I’ll be smart
I’ll use the ol’ noggin
Instead of my heart

I wouldn’t choose grandma
Next time, no sirree
She may not survive this
We’d just wait and see

That’s all I remember
I must have passed out
The next thing that I knew
I woke to a shout

The family was cheering
And said we had won
I couldn’t believe it
I thought we were done

My grandma had saved us
Surprising to all
She carried me with her
When I hit the wall

Now we are the champions
In spite of her limp
She gave me a mean glare
And called me a wimp

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