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A weird story about a cooked chicken
I'm still a student of * graduation . My classes are now off for summer vacation. Today I have come to my parents to spend the vacation time.It is very long time that I couldn't come home. My parents were very emotional when they saw me.I am their only son.

After long time I am home. It is obvious, my parents would be caring and loving to me. I was also desperate to see them. Now all the members of the family are together. And now this is very healthy environment.

When I reached here it was morning . My mother just came by to see me, then she was back again to the kitchen. She was busy for making special item for me. She knew I'm coming home in the summer. She couldn't talk just now. My friendly father is with me all the time. Since I came we were having conversation. He was asking me how I spent my time in university. How I am doing there in the residing hall? How about my classes? Teachers ? I was answering the questions one after another. I felt very good talking with my father. He told me how he and mother passes everyday life.

Mama arranged all the dishes on the table. Smelling the essence I realized I am hungry. We had a heavy lunch. After lunch my daddy planned for fishing.

In the afternoon, my father and I went for fishing in the nearby pond. It is my father's hobby. I like too. This was autumn and the sky was colourful, and all the nature, so beautiful ! I can not express my feeling I had on the after noon .Green grasses on the field and colourful butterflies, they were dancing, and a grass hooper making leap and mixing green of his wing in the grass. Birds tweeting on the trees. I was enjoying the atmosphere. We got two big albacore. We had our lunch with cat fish. This pond is cultivated for these fishes. My daddy and his friend own this pond. Here people live by their produce of cultivation.

In the evening I spent time alone. Just walking here and there. This is a village. In the night time it become very quiet. The squeaking of insects is intense. Firefly insects lighting all around. I have habit of smoking. I took a cigarette from my pocket and lighted up. I started singing.

After one hour I was back in home. My parents were sleeping.They might have finished dinner. So Goodnight ! ....To my parents. I opened my bag and took out my laptop. Now my online friends would be my companion.

Dinner was ready on the table. Roasted chicken spreading smell. But first I need send few emails to my friends. They all do not know I am home. So I started typing, my eyes are on the screen, I am typing....Suddenly a sound of breathing.....yes, breathing ....came in my ear .Who's breathing? Oh! It is coming from inside. Mum and dad sleeping.

No, the sound is in my room ! I suddenly realize ! But here is no one. I looked all around my room. Then where the sound is coming from?

My eyes were around the dinning table. Something happening on the bowl of chicken curry.I got up from the chair. Yes! The pieces are moving automatically, heart beating and lungs breathing !This is cooked chicken ! My exploding eyes couldn't blink for a second!.......Is it real that I see, or dreaming ? All the pieces ....Limbs are getting p..a..ir..ed..dd ! Oh ! My lord ! This chicken is getting.....l i..v..eeeeee.....Mu...I wanted to call mummy but stopped . She worked all the day now she is in rest. I can't disturb her. I can:'t believe the chicken is alive and standing on bowl.....!!

This chicken asking......human voice...."Do you wanna eat me? Cruelty in her voice...".Ha? Come on, eat me ...shouted ......The chicken is growing up bigger in size...

Oh! It is... Threeee feet...In hight..Oh!.Lord......I can't believe my eyes..Is this is real..? I pinched on my hand. No I'm not dreaming...

Will this chicken attack me?..It's big nails....I became scared....
I said in answer of the question "No, I won't ear you, I never will...I got up on my bed, took my blanket and got under, I was shaking.....

The miracle happening in my room, but my parents don't know. They won't even believe this if I tell them. Nobody will ! But why and how this transformation of cooked chicken? Any chemical reaction or incorporeal ? I removed the blanket from my face and saw the chicken got down on the floor. Walked through the door to the outside. I followed but .....lost from my sight... just vanished.... in the darkness.No light in this side of our house...

I was dumb......What to say...To whom?......

Word count--829.


*__ Note:
Secondary:10 years in school.
Higher secondary:2 yrs.
Graduation: in our country education standard we study three years prime in one discipline. Recently one more year added.
Post graduation :One year. Then academic education ends.
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