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When mechanism replaces human hands, who will rise up?
It was the second half of Year 2250 and the morning was making its grand entrance on a valley with sunlight streaming over the area like a warm sheet of pure golden silk. What vegetation remained underneath sprang to life with flowers bursting with colors and grass blades standing at attention as if praising the sun for its reward. But if a wanderer were to look ahead of the vast valley, a unique structure would greet the wanderer's gaze.
         If asked for a city description, an area consisting of tall buildings, roads, sidewalks and workplaces encased in concrete, stone, glass and brick would come to mind. The city of Sunale challenged the bland description with its marvelous sight. The city itself resembled a collection of monoliths on the valley; towering structures in three rows of four over the vegetation. Each tower was molded of glass and metal, the surface polished to reflect any and all sources of light that touched it. If viewed from above, one would be able to see large patches of freshly manicured green between the towers, a sign of separation and extensive lawn care done only by the professionals and the elite.
         But what Sunale had in its appearance, it lacked in its population – or so it seemed. Drones and small flying machines buzzed through the air from one towering building to another, a steady stream of mechanical worker bees soaring about, satisfying whatever orders or commands given to them. There were no people who roamed outside of the buildings and no vehicles that choked out clouds of blinding exhaust; rather each slowly growing population of Sunale was encased within the towers.
         The citizens of Sunale were no different than the average person living within a city. But what did these people do? There were workplaces and office buildings, yes. But years of evolving technology from Minstir Labs – the head corporation behind the advances in the latest technology used by the people of Sunale - had forced many citizens out of their workplaces and offices due to the decreasing need of human hands for tasks. With an artificial intelligence similar to that of the human brain installed in robots created for the workforce, people were shocked to find themselves greeted by machines performing the common duties the average person would be commanded to perform within the walls of restaurants, stores, schools and the like. Even Jenny's - a popular, old-fashioned diner located near an elementary school and adored by the younger and older generations of customers – had machines replacing the friendly, lively staff that served warm food and mouth-watering milkshakes to customers, all with smiles plastered on their faces.
         Not everyone accepted the sudden wave of change. Many who protested the replacement of workers with mechanism and even outright demanded for robots to stay out of the workforce were from the working class and lower. Some citizens of the middle class opposed the new technology, but they were silenced by bribery, whispered promises and reasoning. Plenty of support came from the wealthier population, notably the ones who built their fortune from the grueling labor of blue collar workers or from investments into the many projects created for the evolution of technology. The adaptation of the automated workforce plus the disagreements from opposing sides drove a large crack of civil unrest between the social classes that still continues to this day.
         Each morning, the jobless wonder what events will occupy their empty days. Some wander through the streets aimlessly, wondering if any miracles might soar their way. Children of the lower classes also roam the streets, sometimes with empty backpacks strapped to their little backs in anticipation of any valuables lying about the cracks of the sidewalks or if any abandoned food sitting in the trashcans left out for daily garbage pickup. Yet their thoughts remain the same: When will someone rise up against this mechanical apocalypse?
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