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by Norman
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Entertainment · #2231915
It's neighbor against neighbor now
It was a simple us and them
A versus kind of game
Soon it devolved to something worse
They used a nasty name

We used to be good neighbors once
We always would say, “Hi”
Now we’re looking forward to
When we can say, “Goodbye”

It’s neighbor against neighbor now
That’s how this rift has grown
One block mows their grassy lawns
The other has all stone

Then someone called us Green Thumbs
How nasty can you get?
We couldn’t let them call us that
That’s something they’d regret

No one knows who started it
Who used that epithet
I think it was that stone head Joe
Yeah, that would be my bet

So then we called them Stone Heads
We thought that fit them well
It probably wasn’t nice to do
But we said, “What the hell!”

And now it is an all-out war
No one’s holding back
We keep a watch both day and night
To ward off an attack

To you it may sound trivial
And maybe you are right
Who would think a petty spat
Would come to this big fight?

Things have gotten out of hand
With Stones against the Grass
We’re at a disadvantage here
Those Stones will kick our ass

Perhaps we all can settle this
Some way we can agree
Maybe if we all got stoned
Yeah, how bad could that be?

With everyone all nice and calm
We’ll lie down in the grass
We wouldn’t care about our yards
In time this too shall pass

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