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This is the story when I had the heaviest crush through which discovering my halitophilia.
I have a fetish for body odor of girls, especially for sweat and farts which I keep in secret. I haven't experienced that with any girl yet. Worn girl panties would make me explode because the longer it's worn the more arousing for me. Beginning in 2011 that fetish grew strongly so I got almost insane because of what happened that time:

In April that year I learned to know a 21-years-old girl named Konstantina who was in my class year. I fell in love with her so heavily. I was ultra-keen on her as I could be. My feelings were purely physical, but violent and boundless desires. So, I would describe my feelings about her as concentrated love, together with painful and convulsive longing, instead of just a promiscuous crush. At the beginning I was too shy to talk to Konstantina, because her physical presence had made me communicative incapacitated. But I watched Konstantina often. She was South-Eastern-European, more specifically Greek, with dark, naturally curly long hair with slightly blonde highlights as well as typical Mediterranean brown eyes. She had a very girlish appearance with full natural lips, which were not stood out but fell with her other body parts in an unobtrusively way to an irresistible entirely. Konstantina was not too slim, which meant that for my taste she had enough of desirable female matter. But she was also not too chubby, because I could see she had some athletic joy of life. Her face, body contours and complexion had already met my ideal in detail. I did not have to adjust Konstantina to my wishful thinking but she met my wishful thinking. Thus, my sexual impulsiveness had addressed directly to Konstantina. I coveted each of her body parts with all its pollutions, whether seen or not, heard or not, smelled or not. Konstantina was about 5'9 feet/175 cm tall, so on the one hand she looked relatively mature but on the other hand she was also a youthfully acting young girl by her countenance. When I met her directly, I had a feeling of having the personification of my imagination of heaven in front of me. I watched things about Konstantina, which other people didn't seem to realize or felt they were probably insignificant. For instance, when Konstantina was being silent, her lips were almost always half-open in a tenderly acting manner. Her mouth looked so incredibly soft and unattainably attractive that it made me crazy, because I didn't know if her half-open lips were to be understood as a pickup to those who were fancy about it or even as a typical child-like lack of body control.

My Fantasies Of Konstantina:

Of course, I imagined very often that I entered Konstantina's girl-paradise by rubbing my nose between her legs, especially her buttocks and sniffing her sweet, not quite clean fragrance, while she enjoyably and slowly pooped out her thick flatulence with an attempted but unsuccessful unobtrusiveness, tentatively interrupting. Konstantina's appearance, especially that of her face, with all nuances of her expression, which seemed sometimes quite childish, whether she was being silent with half-open lips, showing her teeth by talking or laughing, was always for me in a direct association with her body odors.

One of my sequences of thoughts was about the sweetly sweaty, dirty scent between Konstantina's ass-cheeks, which I associated with her half-open lips very often. I imagined her lips were neither quite dry nor very moist. Her lips were in my imagination rather semi-moist, sticky, in a similar way like her ass-cheeks had formed a vacuum, after she had rubbed her ass-cheeks against each other through moving. Her ass-cheeks had smudged everything of what she hadn't got clean after wiping, combined with her natural sweat. Thus, her lips had slight traces of her ass-cheeks scent in my imagination. Sometimes my sequences of thoughts went so far that I imagined Konstantina's lips wore indeed the scent of her ass-cheeks after she fondled her asshole with her fingers before she fondled her lips. If I had had Konstantina's days worn panties then particles of her fragrance would have touched my olfactory nerves and I could have enjoyed heavy traces of her dirty girlish odor caused by a merciless rape of panties by that girl-monster.

Another of my sequences of thoughts was about Konstantina's flatulence which she let out slowly and joyfully through her ass-cheeks, accompanied by a slow, semi-moist vibration of her relaxed ass-cheeks, which were completely shaved like her pubes. In my mind her vibration flapped so slowly and bassily like a jackhammer, so it was almost possible to count each of her flapping vibrations. That sound was as well a contrast as a complementary element to Konstantina's young but voluminous voice of medium tone. That imagination of her flatulence was linked to her exhaling, whether being silent, talking or laughing. Konstantina's laughing and the sound of her forming vowels and consonants were as beautiful as my imagination of the sound and the smell of her farts. When Konstantina was talking or laughing, I imagined her exhaling with all its warmth and its smell. When she farted, she too exhaled in a certain way, that was my association. When I was masturbating to Konstantina's farts, I had an imagination of her exhaling, speaking, laughing and being silent. In my thoughts I therefore combined Konstantina's exhaling with her farts.

That sequences of thoughts caused the most intensive orgasms I had ever had while I wanked so often on some days till I felt like having partied all night long under influence of drugs although I never took any similar things to me.

Anytime in 2012 I had the heart to talk to Konstantina for the first time. The first thing I said to her was a supposedly innocent “Good morning.” while train traveling, to which she replied to me a smiling and lovely “Hello.”. She had a beautifully delicate, slightly breathy voice with a lovely South-Eastern-European accent. She then sat next to me in class. Once Konstantina came to lesson in a disheveled way, as if she had missed a train and been running. I noticed that she was slightly sweaty and I could as well feel her above-average heat vapors, which gave her body by itself, as see little beads of sweat on her face which had passed her hair and had built moistened highlights, while her light scent of her fresh sweat wafted toward me. Owed to being rushed she had to breathe very fast, what turned into long and strong exhales towards my direction when we had a small talk shortly before class. As much as possible I enjoyed to inhale her exhaled breath, which smelled slightly fruity.

Then one day when Konstantina was sitting next to me in class, she asked me something in a whispering way. Of course, I came very near to her face to get what she was saying. Suddenly, WOSH!!! I had never experienced anything like that. Konstantina had an incredibly strong bad breath. It was so violent and smelled like a long, seemingly delicately seductive but extremely stinky fart. I had never thought that girl of my dreams, with such a beautiful, delicate-blissful face, which everyone would have associated with seductive vanilla scent, had such an insidious fart-breath. I loved that word connected with Konstantina, which was why I also liked to use it. At first, I was shocked and it seemed to me like Konstantina hadn't brushed her teeth for an inestimably long time. For the rest of that lesson I wasn't able to focus on class, so shaken up was my imagination of Konstantina. But I was so turned on by her and therefore I was mad by her fart-breath. So, I began more and more falling in love with Konstantina's fart-breath too. After I had connected my other fetishes to Konstantina, her fart-breath, which smelled so beautifully intrusively, struggled into my sensitive thoughts about her. That was why I had to masturbate often. I imagined everything of Konstantina, things I got from her through all my senses, combined with what I had been imagining in my sequences of thoughts, which I was unfortunately not able to experience. I loved Konstantina's exhaling so much, therefore I sometimes wished, she would do me a favor by never brushing her teeth again.

Konstantina never ever had such fart-breath again, like that special day. But from time to time she had some bad breath which was of course not as strong as her beautiful fart-breath from that day, but smelled at least a bit stinkier than normal fresh breath. All in all, Konstantina was simply perfect for me.

My Additional Fantasy Of Konstantina:

From that special day on, there had been an additional sequence of thoughts, in which Konstantina was lying on me and kissing that part of my nose where my nostrils were. I imagined I could smell her delicate, semi-moist, sticky lips while she was exhaling as slowly and softly as possible, because the more slowly she exhaled the stinkier her fart-breath smelled.

In 2013 our ways split. Nevertheless, Konstantina will always be my dream-fart-breath-girl, whose body and its associated scents have given me some marathons of orgasms to date.
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