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A voice from invisible
Once upon a time, in an imaginary place
Two older woman were, living in a cave.
Living life very hard, in the time of cold
One was of weak mind, one was of bold.
One night, in cold time, they hadn't any food
No one was to help them, no neighbourhood.

Suddenly, they saw a dish, of juicy, tasty fruit
"Who's the provider?" but they hadn't understood.
They heard a voice telling , right from the dark
" Climb the hill, where you see, red arrow mark!"

"Who is it?" both asked, there was no body
Invisible! They didn't see, Susie and cubby.
The voice of the invisible, asked to ride the hill
"There is plenty of food, so, you can chill!"
Weak mind, didn't try, for the fear of death
Other women climbed hill, got the fresher breath.

Susie ate the fruit she got, inner strength raised
Felt like she's an adult now, ten plus eight.
The earth looking beautiful, Susie sung a song
Cubby thought, "troubled head, something is wrong!"

word count: 170


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