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by J. Lee
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The past can keep us trapped, and this is part of my journey to releasing those shackles.
It's time you leave.
Your memory burns the flesh
and I no longer want that pain.
I no longer want to be a part
of your deceit.
I have so desperately clung to you
as I feared not having anything
to know myself by.
But I see now that you do not define me.
The shame you've placed on me
is too heavy,
and I have grown out of your ragged threads.
I see a side of me I love,
and a side of me destined to grow.
I see a worthiness
which you overshadowed.
I see a friend in me,
a true part of family,
which you long kept isolated.
As I continue my journey,
I will slowly shed the layers
you've trapped me in,
stepping into the freedom of my new life.
Farewell to you,
forever farewell...

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