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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Opinion · #2239954
Maybe there are aliens
Way, way up in the Milky Way
In outer, outer space
There isn’t any sign of life
Not of the human race

But maybe there are aliens
That live so far away
Like in that SciFi TV show
You saw the other day

And they are looking down from space
And laughing at us all
They’re betting that our end is near
We’re headed for a fall

They think that we will be gone soon
I can’t say they are wrong
We’ll kill this planet we live on
It won’t take very long

We’ve done so many stupid things
We just don’t use our wits
If the climate doesn’t kill us all
We’ll blow ourselves to bits

Those aliens have front row seats
To follow our demise
And all because this human race
Just isn’t very wise

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