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Toby Tubbs never had much ambition but he loves to eat, especially in eating competitions!
"Toby! Hurry up, we are all hungry here!" says his mother waiting in the car with his father. He was always the last one to get in the car, not because he wasn't eager to eat, but because he was having a hard time finding things that fit him right. He eventually waddles out with a very tight-fitting pair of khaki cargo shorts with the button straining to hold itself together, and a form-fitting tank-top shirt with the words "I Beat the Texan Pizza Challange" on the front. Not to mention that fat was spilling out from the armholes on the side of his shirt. Every now and again, some of his underbelly would peak out and jiggle with each and every labored step to the car. They were on the way to one of the biggest challenges that Toby has ever faced.

The Texan Pizza challenge was where a single person would have to eat a 3ft X 3ft pizza with various toppings in under an hour. If successful, it is free and they are given a free T-Shirt, along with their picture taken and hung up on the wall. He was the only child up there beating it at 10 years old. This was the day that the young Toby decided he would dedicate his life to beating all the eating challenges that Texas would have to offer. After he beat all of Texas, he would be off to beat all the massive eating challenges the whole United States has to offer. You see, his parents were worried because he had never really shown an interest in doing anything except, like most boys his age, videogames, and food. His grades were okay and he got by. He had friends but they usually have to invite him rather than the other way around. Again, he usually spends his time playing video games and eating. He has a good life. He is home and safe the only things parents could ask for. But his parents noticed that he is bored and as a result, the pounds started to pile on. By the time he was 8, he was already 120lbs, by 9 he was 144lbs, and by 10 years old, he was a whopping 168lbs and growing! He needed a drive in his life and when he took on that challenge for the first time. It set him on the course of a life of sweet gluttony and a personal drive to fit as much into his stomach as possible. The path of competitive eating. Once he decided this for himself, his parents were all too happy to oblige in his new eating habits. Anyway, they could help him eat as much as he could they tried to help him. This included sending him with an extra lunch and more lunch money at school, large breakfasts full of high-fat foods, and twice as much at dinner. Not to mention eating out as much as they can and going to all you can eat buffets as much as his stomach could handle. With all of this training in his normal life, he demolished several challenges since he was 10. He had beaten the peach cobbler eating contest in north texas by eating the most peach cobbler than anyone else at the event which was all adults. He had beaten several hot dog eating contests down in south and central Texas. He had crammed the world's largest Hamburger topping at 5 lbs of meat with a gigantic bun, all the toppings plus a basket full of fries and a milkshake in under an hour. All of this in between the time he was 10 years old until now at age 13. Now his stomach had been used to the huge onslaughts of food before, but this would be his biggest challenge yet. He had quite a reputation among the restaurant world, particularly those with eating challenges. Toby was preparing himself for the Texan Steak Challange. This included eating a 72oz steak along with a salad, a shrimp cocktail, and a fully loaded baked potato. He is ready.

They get to the steak house on time, having not eaten all day, and ready to eat. They get to the center table and the people around look around in great anticipation for the onslaught of gluttony to come from this young boy. Weighing in at 223 lbs at age 13 Toby Tubbs waddles in and takes his place at the table.

"You can do this Toby. We believe in you!" says his mother encouragingly

"That's right, son. That iron gut can take on anything." He rubs his son's belly for good luck. "Just let us know if you need anything." He gives his dad a thumbs up. He smiles for the crowd allowing them to take pictures of the absurdly fat boy, making sure to get his good sides to show off his fat more. He gets out his own silverware made of wood making sure that he is always ready for a meal wherever it presents itself.

It is time.

They bring out the food all lined up in front of him. He begins to salivate as the wonderful aroma of steakhouse food fills his nostrils and soon will fill his belly to its limits and beyond. He immediately starts on the baked potato which is piled high with toppings: bacon, shredded ham, sour cream, chives, loads of cheese, and a ton of butter. He scoops in a spoon full after spoonful of carb-filled potato. The bacon mixes perfectly with all the meats together. The creamy texture with the meats of all the sourcream and the earthy taste of the potato is absolute bliss. Scoop after scoop filling up his chubby cheeks before he would swallow the beautifully tasting mixture. Another scoop then another one only stopping to breathe every now and again or to gulp down his massive cup of Dr. Pepper. The pool of butter on the potato finds a crack and drips down the round face of this rotund boy. Another scoop then another scoop, then he starts to go after the potato skin after dipping it in the leftover cream and butter all over his plate and body. Soon the nearly 2lbs of potato and toppings were demolished.

Next on the list is the salad. Covered in ranch, the salad was almost nothing for the boy, He would occasionally add the shrimp cocktail with his salad to kill 2 birds with one stone. The warm shrimp was a nice contrast with the coolness of the ranch dressing and the lettuce leafs really helping to settle his belly for the coming monster that would come. Alternate, shrimp, ranch, salad, drink, repeat. Shrimp, ranch, salad, drink, repeat. He was constantly encouraged by the partons around him either by the cheering of the crowd or by the looks of disgust by the patrons for allowing their obese child to gorge himself so readily. Many left the eatery, others were simply enamored by the sheer amount this 13-year-old glutton can stuff into his tummy. The cycle was starting to slow down because now his body is really beginning to process the potato and his body was starting to divert energy to process all of those carbs into fat. The last spoonful of shrimp and salad went to his straining maw and he was really beginning to feel it. He had another big swig of soda to help settle his own aching belly. It has been 35 min since the challenge began and he had almost beaten it. He could not lose now, not for the best part. He tried to pull down on his shirt which he thought would be big enough to handle this challenge, but apparently, it wasn't. It was really stretched tight around his belly and was really starting to ride up almost revealing his belly button. Not that he could really tell much at this point. He still had a mouth full of food and his double chin made it difficult to look down. He could tell that his belly was pushing back majorly against his pants, which he also misjudged could handle his challenge. They fit 2 weeks ago. That was it! He called over to his parents to help him remove his shirt because he still had to focus on that challenge ahead. Though it was like squeezing a thick sausage out of a small bag, they managed to do it. With this new room and a large belch to help him make room, he looked down at his pants and tried to unbutton them to make even more room. If he could manage to do it, he thinks he will be able to pull it off. After fondling with the buttons with no success. He does the one thing he knows how to do the best. Grow out of clothes! He expands his belly with as much air as he could muster and manages to pop the buttons of the pants. The crowd goes wild!!! Maybe, he could do this.

It was time for the main event! He drains the rest of the bottle of A-1 steak sauce and gets to work. The trick with eating steak is that even though he would have preferred it medium, he ordered it well so it would shrink a little bit and so it would not have as much fat on it. He takes his first bite. Simply heavenly! Running out of time quickly, he didn't chew as thoroughly as he probably should have and was just swallowing chunk after chunk like the true carnivore he is. Steak sauce drips all over his exposed flab in all of its glory. Cut a piece, in mouth, chew, swallow, drink. Repeating the cycle again and again, and again. This time, it was not as fast as he would like. He was overloaded with food by now and he only had 10 minutes. He was more than halfway. Taking a small break to finally catch his breath, he wasn't sure he could do it. He tried to let out a burp to try to let up some room but his stomach was simply too full of food for that to happen.

"You can do it, baby!!!!" yells out his mother. "Toby! Toby! Toby!" She starts to yell out! The crowd soon follows in on the chant. He could do this.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" Toby cries out with his fork raised to the air his flabby arm jiggles almost flag-like. He digs in almost hungrier than when he began. Another bite and another bite........... He chews the very last bite of the Texan challenge. He stands up and opens his mouth with ragged breathing of the colossal meal he had just partaken. It was finished. Truly the youngest boy to finish the challenge without puking or giving up halfway. One very labored step after another, he makes his way to his parents with his stomach as hard as a rock and several more inches in front of him.

BUUURRRP! "I did it! It was sooooo good!" With another victory under his belt (and belly), they take his picture without his shirt on to display his now gargantuan belly and displayed it at the front door. He was even asked to be the new poster boy for the Texan Steak Challenge. Everything was great and was further confirmation that this is what he wanted to do with his life. Not only did he get to eat endless amounts of food, but he could no help support his family later down the line too. They got in the car to go home. AS he was rubbing his belly he started to dream about what his next meal was going to be.

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