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Poem about the love of my parents, 45 years married, until death did them part.
**orig. Senior Centre Forum, Feb. 2021 entry

“Will you marry me, share our life my sweet love?”
besotted since first he laid his eyes on her.
"There's never been another, my turtle dove,"
Keeps smiling adoringly, voice a gentle purr

His sweetheart drops her eyelashes most daintily
Lips upcurved like Love's own sweetest caress
Maidenly blush flushing her cheeks prettily
Happily murmuring a decorous 'yes'.

Family thought they knew; said it wouldn't last,
A lifetime of love at sweet seventeen? No way!
"Not in this real world, nor in the recent past,
A penny dreadful romance ruling the day."

"And tell me, what of her? She's only fifteen!"
"She is but a child bride, should still be at school"
"The most outrageous pairing we've ever seen"
"Can't understand, she's her Daddy's precious jewel"

The gossips and naysayers, heads deep in sand,
Sadly mistaken, when judging—'not a chance'
They made the promise 'til Death us shall part', and
Forty five years with one loving partner they'd dance.

(20 lines)
Rhyming couplets or quatrains in Iambic Pentameter on the subject of LOVE.
(I see Iambic Pentameter has now been deleted. Mine is still there anyway, I believe.)
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