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The memories confuse and drown the narrator. The narrator is lost with his/her life.
It always feels like everything's alright, but I always dream that I'm drowning.

All the waves look through my history. The memories that are on the ground.

I look at my soul, wondering where am I?

I feel lost. I keep wondering why?

The ocean, the sea, where shall I be?

Even I don't know as I'm fake smiling.

As I walk on the path, I wonder if it's heaven or hell?

The time that ticks on the wall, Where's the bell?

I close my eyes, but all I see is nothingness.

Many may see the light, but all I see is darkness.

Standing on a ledge, I wonder if this is how I died.

All these memories, I know I've pried.

In the silence, it is loud.

The many I seek; are very proud.

There was once a time when I could wish.

But, now all I can do is watch the waves swish.

There are many that seek an end.

However, I don't know where my story went.

I can't exactly remember where I put my knife.

The one that killed all that time with my life.

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