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by Norman
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There were rumors of this beanstalk
My name is Norman Nosy
I’m with the Hometown News
I am their star reporter
In search of news and clues

There were rumors of this beanstalk
Soaring far up to the sky
They sent me to investigate
Was this some crazy lie?

I traveled for the longest time
Up over hill and dale
I get the tough assignments
Because I never fail

But I was ready to turn back
I was so tired and hot
When suddenly to my surprise
I finally found the spot

There really was a monstrous plant
Stretching from the earth
It climbed up to the very sky
It had a sturdy girth

I looked at it with shock and awe
What a sight to see!
I thought that I had seen it all
But this astounded me

And as I looked up at that stalk
There came a crashing sound
Then right before my startled eyes
A boy fell to the ground

He jumped up, then he spotted me
And all he said was, “Run!”
I saw a giant climbing down
Saying, “Fee, fi, fo, fum.”

The giant said some other things
That scared me half to death
He said if he caught up to me
It would be my last breath

Well, I was not born yesterday
I wasn’t sticking ‘round
I caught up with the running boy
In just a single bound

And when we finally stopped to breathe
He said his name is Jack
Then he showed me what he had
Within his canvas sack

A golden egg was in the bag
And I just stared in awe
Jack said the giant had this gold
And there was plenty more

You had to climb up to the top
To reach the giant’s lair
But now the giant was alert
And he was waiting there

Well, that was quite enough for me
This lad had lots of pluck
But I was heading back to town
I turned and said, “Good luck.”

And when I safely got back home
I filed my report
I said there was no beanstalk there
No, nothing of the sort

Jack’s secret will stay safe with me
I hope it works out well
I’ll keep this story to myself
No, I will never tell

For who’d believe me anyway
Not anyone I knew
It’s too much of a fairy tale
(Although I know it’s true.)

With Norman Nosy on the job
You’ll get the latest news
Although, you know, I must confess
Sometimes I pick and choose

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