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by jaya
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About things of beauty in times of need


In the dense darkness of the night
A light in the distance
Brightens my path off wilderness.

In the sandy dreary dry desert heat
A shady oasis soothes,
Satiates my thirst of many miles.

In the scorching summer when the hills singe in hot winds
Your cool concoctions and witty repartee
Create colorful panorama in and around me.

On a night of the thickening twisters of gale and storm
I spot a remote cabin shelter,
Offering warm comfort with its well- lit hearth.

In the sharp biting chilled winds of winter
The mild sun smiles at me through
Grey skies dispelling the depressive cloud cover.

When March walks in, wearing beauty and delight
Linking hands and hearts, you and I
Share spring splendor and memorable moments.

In the enveloping embrace of grief and shock
I chance upon the radiance of joy
In the mellifluous shower of melodious music.

When relentless loneliness coils around my heart and soul
Your loving embrace
Restores my perspective, putting me back on track.

In the jungle of chaos and constant confusion
Your words of wisdom keep me above
The morass with a pleasant stream of thought.

When my heart is torn asunder and dreams shattered
Your beautiful benign smile
Sends solace, sweet joy and high hope.

When noisy thoughts crash on the shores of my mind
Your magnetic child-like charm
Ebb their flow, reviving my spirit with tranquility.

When death comes knocking on my window
You hold my hand as my soul
Merges into the graceful vistas of the golden paths of heaven.

Lines: 36

Open Prompt: Write a poem over 30 lines, Structured or Free Verse, on the topic of your choosing.
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