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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2249660
In dreams, her Prince Charming has come. Writer's Cramp contest May 3 2021
She didn't say it out loud this time… for once!
She didn't have to,
her eyebrows raised so high
I thought they'd merge with her impeccable hairline.

Oh Mama, can't you find one single good thing to say?
My Algernon, my precious, my handsome,
Love of my life.
Why can't you see him like I do?

Mama listens to whispers
from gossip-mongers and ne'er-do-wells
and trouble-makers,
with their vicious tongues
and warty noses.
They're all jealous it's not them
my dashing darling adores
and lavishes his attentions upon.

Oh Mama, he deserves all our sympathy.
He's reluctantly shared the barest details
of a childhood past,
too tragic to be borne.
He trusted me to keep his secrets.
He needs me.

Algernon is the epitome of a misunderstood,
misjudged, mistrusted soul,
made miserable by the whispers,
the innuendos,
the harsh, unfounded judgements

Oh Mama how shall I convince you,
He wants me for my own self alone,
the one you love so dear.
Not Papa's money.
I swear.
It's not true, never true.
Oh Mama how shall I convince you?

(32 lines)
Write about the gossip theme-
Whispers unheard speak louder than words

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