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by Kitbok
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Biblical Devotional Poem
"But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door...' Gen.4:7.

As an offering to God,
Cain brought some of his harvests,
But Abel, the firstborn of his flock,
He gave God his best,
So God looked with favor,
To what Abel offered,
But what Cain had given,
The Lord had no regard.

Then Cain became angry,
His countenance downcast,
He scowled furiously,
Inside he was aghast.
He brought to God something,
They may not be the best,
Why God rejected his offerings,
His heart couldn't digest.

Then God said to Cain,
Why are you fuming?
This is what you deserved,
It's all your own doing,
Are you doing well in giving?
Some fruits as offerings,
Why it was not accepted,
You did it half-hearted.'

If you do not do it right,
Sin is crouching at the door,'
It will get into your heart,
It will dominate your soul.
God does not look at the facade,
For this, He has no regard,
God knows what is inside,
Deep down in your heart.

Sin is crouching at the door,
At the door of our hearts,
A little opening, it will get in,
If you are not on guard.
Sin will not leave on its own,
It keeps lurking at the entrance,
To enter and rule your soul,
Whenever it gets the chance.

If sin is crouching,
But Jesus is standing,
And He's gently knocking,
At the door of your heart.
Please open and invite,
For Jesus to come inside,
Oh! What peace and joy you'll have,
If you and He abide.

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