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Who can confront the weird terror that lurks behind the scenes in Hollywood?
Eve put down the telephone her face on fire with smiles and delight shining from her eyes.

I got the part, I am going to be a famous movie star after all.

She paused holding onto her mobile. She wondered a moment if she should share the news with her family before putting the mobile down on the table. Chuckling to herself she thought for a moment of their reactions.

They consider Hollywood a den of iniquity twinned with Vegas as twin cities of horrible immorality akin to the Old Testament Sodom and Gomorrah. A place filled with perverts and sexual predators like Epstein, a place rife with gossip and scandal of godless foolishness and wasted lives. I just imagine my brother John preaching a sermon about this place, begging God to open up the ground itself to swallow up all its wickedness into the deepest pits of hell. Except now his little sister is here and one of those wicked souls getting rich and famous by suckling the teats of the 'whore of Babylon'. Would he still pray for the 'Big One' here in California knowing that he might send me to hell with a successful answer?

She picked up her phone and decided to send a What's App to some girlfriends instead.

"I got the part, want to celebrate with me? @TGI Fridays 7:30 *Smile*"

She noticed almost immediate responses with the phone chiming as she got a host of thumbs up and smiley emojis with a few world cups, arm muscles, and fireworks thrown in.

I guess that means yes then she smiled. My brother would consider even the name "Thank God it's Friday" to be a blasphemy. Well, he is not here to wag that finger at his wayward sister now.

She thought about the script of the movie which she had read through before her auditions. It was an alien movie. Her family would not have approved.

OK it is not exactly Shakespeare but then Shakespeare does not sell, sex and aliens do. The male star Romeo is quite hot albeit a little old for me. But he is well preserved and it is only one sex scene, where I get raped by him, she thought with a grimace on her face. I can survive that even if that guy gives me the creeps. After all, I am an actress and everyone knows actresses fake the best orgasms and this is the price for my fame.

She stared into the full-length mirror in her bedroom. She had modeled herself on Scarlett Johanssen as she had a similar figure and look. She was blonde, curvaceous, and beautiful. She practiced the actress's famous technique of being able to look in the mirror and express a look, emotion, and even tears in her reflection. She tried to project purity and devotion into the gold-framed mirror but felt a check in her heart. She shrugged, grabbed her handbag and coat, and went out to party with her friends.


That was five years ago, so why must I relive that moment every night in my dreams, Eve thought. She was seated in her palatial mansion in Beverley Hills. She had just been for a swim in her pool and was drying her hair in a bathroom the size of most people's houses. Her exercise program consumed 3 hours of every day. Keeping her body in perfect physical shape was hard work.

She still remembered that awful moment where Romeo had literally raped her on camera for the alien movie she had played in. She remembered the dark and demonic look in his eyes as he spoke the line, "Now your soul is mine forever."

After that movie had become a box office hit she had indeed gone on to do even more successful films. But something had died inside her that night. She had been faced with a choice to try and fight them or accept that they owned her now and that her career depended on her silence. She had chosen fame and fortune and was very rich but she felt hollow like she had lost her soul. The TV in the corner of her bathroom was voice-activated.

"Alexa TV on."

The news came on and she watched the #MeToo activists parading their morals on TV with some cynicism.

None of them will be landing a major Hollywood role anytime soon.

She remembered standing by the side of Romeo the man who had raped her in her first movie to defend him against the #MeToo movement when another woman had come forth alleging rape. That support had landed her the key role in her next major film. She had done far worse things for the sake of her career since then.

The thing is I no longer feel sick inside when I recall such stuff, I am just playing the game.

Her mobile rang on the table next to her. She could read her brother John's name on the screen. He was the only one who still held any hope for her redemption.

You are too late preacher man. I am already dammed. She ignored his call.


John was determined to see his sister. He called at the gatehouse of her large mansion house in Beverly Hills, drove up the long winding driveway through verdant woods, parked on the gravel before her front door, his nostrils full of the pleasant smell of beautiful flowers from the well-kept gardens. He rang the bell.

Eve answered the door herself which was a surprise since he knew she had servants. As she opened the big oak door she was framed against the background of a grand hallway with a wide staircase that split after its first flight in two directions to lead up to a balcony. A beautiful and no doubt very expensive chandelier hung from the ceiling and various works of art were hung on the walls. This did not impress him much nor hold his attention though and he looked back at his sister. She looked tired to him even though she was putting on a show as always.

"You look, tired sis, we need to talk."

John noticed that Eve looked a little shocked and even irritated at that. He knew she hated the way she was so transparent to him when she could so easily hide from everyone else.

"Guess I cannot hide from you. It has been a while since we 'talked'."
She directed him into the living room which was as impressive as the hallway had been. She offered him some alcohol which he refused. They sat down.

"So brother John you still living the life of a monk?" He noticed she said this with a little snort of contempt.

"Not found the right woman yet."

"While I have not exactly been living the life of a nun." She said. He knew she was only taunting him and ignored the comment.

"You know it is not too late for you." John fingered the cross around his neck and looked directly at his sister.

"What do you mean?" She said. He noticed the cracks in her facade and he could read the fears and emptiness she felt about herself.

"You can still reclaim your soul?"

"Oh, you know that all us Hollywood Stars sell our souls at some point just to stay in the game. It is a one-time bargain, with no returns." She said it as a joke. He did not laugh as he knew it was what she truly thought.

"Jesus has paid the price, he can redeem you. He can give you back your soul."

Eve rose and looked angry and disturbed, she did not even bother to try and conceal her emotions.
"What would you know about bargains for a soul, you have always played it safe, always been the perfect choir boy."

"We both know that is not true," said John. "I pulled your pigtails as hard as the next boy."

That comment actually made Eve laugh as she remembered such an incident from her childhood.

"There she is, there's my sister, she is not irredeemable at all."

Eve paused, went silent, looked at John, and then with a downcast face and a small voice he watched her ask,
"Do you really think that Jesus can forgive me the things that I have done?"

"Yes, but there is a price?"

"I am ready to pay any price to get my soul back."

"You have to walk away from this." John waved his hand at the fine furnishings of her home, "You have to walk away from your career and everything that it has given you. Then you have to accept Jesus into your life and come and join me working at the mission."

"You want me to give up this to look after homeless people." Eve laughed.

"That is the price of your soul."

Suddenly Eve's personality changed and she looked harsh and unyielding and there was a demonic glare in her eyes.
"Get out of my house and never come back here," she said.

John did not move but started praying his head bowed. Eve agitated threw a vase at him but she missed.

"Get out, get out!"

"I bind you Satan, in Jesus's name," said John rising to his feet a new authority and shine in his eyes.

Eve made as if to speak but could not.

"I bind you and I cast you out. You will leave this woman and you will never return."

Eve started to squirm as if struggling with something inside her.

"John I am scared," she said.

"Satan, leave her now!"

Eve crumpled to the ground and John continued speaking.

"Eve, say sorry for your sins and ask Jesus back into your life. Only he can fill the emptiness you are feeling right now."

Eve sobbed and nodded but he heard the words come with more difficulty.
"Jesus... I am sorry...save me, fill me...." She could not continue and just cried. John moved to hug her and he held her a full 5 minutes before she started to calm. When she stopped crying she started smiling and there was nothing fake about the joy that John could see in her now.

Thirty minutes later she left with him in his battered old Chevy wearing the same clothes that she had been wearing when she came to Hollywood all those years ago. As they drove off she turned towards him with tears in her eyes.

"Thank you, for not giving up on me," she said.

They passed through Hollywood on their way. Then they hit highway 2 heading towards the mountains. An earthquake shook the ground behind them. John glanced in the rear mirror and a startled Eve turned to look back through the rear window of the car. They watched as the land behind them, which included most of Los Angeles started falling away into a giant chasm into which the nearby ocean rushed. Beverley Hills and Hollywood both disappeared into the giant rift caused by the Richter Scale 9.8 Californian Earthquake of 2021. They drove on unscathed.

W/C 1854
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