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by Mac
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Dark · #2251622
Vivi leaves the Pubs and Pies Bar. She is then cornered by a pair of men.
Vivi walked away from the Pubs and Pies Bar without looking back as fast as she could without looking stupid, something that she was struggling with because the boots she were wearing were brand-new. Mr. 9 followed, struggling to keep up. "Wait", he said, "I said wait, wait a second Miss Wednesday."

"What?!" Vivi yelled turning around to face him, her face beet red with embarrassment.

Mr. 9 looked away from Vivi, overcome with her presence. He kicked a bit of dirt in front of him, trying to gain the nerve to ask her a question . "Weren't we going to spend the night here? I was looking forward to getting some rest tonight in a bed, on land, after having been on a boat for the last five days."

Vivi glared at him, she was still angry at her embarrassment from earlier. "No", she answered, "we are heading back today." The pair's plan had been to stay a night before heading back, but that was before she had been embarrassed by Ms. Gloom. Also, while she did want to get out of this town, off this island, out of this country as fast as possible due to what had just happened, she also wanted to get home soon for another reason.

Igaram had been covering for her whenever she was gone, but that had become harder with him being off of Alabaster at the same time she was. Vivi had Igaram contact her father everyday with progress reports, but she did not know how long it would work. In fact, the worst could have happened, and Igaram could have already returned. If that happened, she didn't know what her father would do if he suspected that Igaram knew where she was and was not saying.

"Oh", Mr. 9 answered dejectedly, then looked up at Vivi. He sighed, took in a breath then answered, "okay, that's fine." For a moment, Vivi was really angry at Mr. 9 for not fighting her more on this, she really wanted a fight, but she calmed herself, and reminded herself that she was the reason he would not fight her.

The pair continued to walk, Vivi was now walking a bit slower since Mr. 9 had functioned as a valve to release some of her anger. The pair were nearing the docks when suddenly Vivi heard Mr. 9 squeak behind her. Vivi turned around and Mr. 9 was walking, slowly towards an alleyway in a strange manner, like there was someone standing in front in him.

"Mr. 9, where are you going?" She asked before following. She got to the alley and found Mr. 9 on the ground with a man holding a gun at him in front of him.

"Oh, I am glad you are here", the man paused then continued, "princess Vivi."

"What?" Vivi asked the man, trying to feign ignorance. If the man was not so sure of himself, the voice Vivi used was a good attempt at a bluff, however, the man just gave her a look of annoyance.

"Oh, come on Princess, I know it's you, I see you every time you walk through Alubarna square." He started laughing, then continued. "So, imagine my surprise, being out of town, out of the country in fact, visiting an old friend, sitting in a bar, having a drink with him, and seeing you, without any guards, without Pell, Chakra, or even Igaram around you." He laughed some more. "I knew this was my chance. No more scraping by, this was my chance to become rich, my, dare I say it, One Piece. I could sell you back to your family, or no, even better", a grin grew on his face. "I could take you to Sabaody, and sell you on the slave market. I imagine at least one Celestial Dragon would want you. A princess would make me riches I could never even imagine."

While the man was dreaming up the most amount of money he could, Mr. 9 was cowering, the gun pointed straight at him, which caused Vivi to look at Mr. 9 with contempt. She slowly moved her arms behind her back, not making any sudden moves, and put her Peacock Slashers on her fingers. In one quick movement she sent the one on her left hand out and knocked the gun out of the man's hand. Then, with the one in her right hand, she twisted that Slasher to wrap around the man. Before the man knew what happened he was tied up, and Mr. 9 was free, but still cowering. Mr. 9 then looked up at Vivi with reverence in his eyes.

Vivi chuckled to herself, "well, that was easy", she thought to herself. Feeling good, she was about to walk towards the man, and ask him who he was, when she felt something on her back and heard a click. She was about to turn around when she heard the voice of a man behind her speaking.

"Stop, I have a gun to your back." He said, sounding proud. "Didn't my friend tell you there were two of us?" The man behind Vivi's back asked. Vivi gulped and tried to think of a way out of this when above her on the building to her right she heard a voice.

"Dos Fleur!", the voice said and Vivi closed her eyes, feeling safe, the voice belonged to Robin. Then she heard Robin shout out another attack. "Clutch!"


Behind Vivi she heard something snap and turned around slowly to face the man. The man who had the gun to her back was now on the ground, white in his eyes. He did not seem to be breathing. Vivi almost let go of the Peacock Slasher she was still holding in her right hand, which still had the first man tied up before Robin spoke again.

"No, don't let go Miss Wednesday." Robin said, and Vivi listened. Robin then hopped down towards the ground, using a fire ladder on the side of the building and smiled at Vivi. "I'm glad you are alright", Robin said, then hugged Vivi.

"I, I was scared", Vivi said to Robin, shocked that she admitted that so openly, Robin smiled a warm smile at Vivi in response.

"Don't worry, it is okay now." Robin said, patting Vivi on the head, then walked a bit away from Vivi, before turning back around and facing her, a more stern look forming on Robin's face. "Putting this aside for now, I want to talk about something else first."

"Huh?" Vivi asked.

" I was going to meet you on the boat and discuss this with you, but well since I am here, we might as well talk now. What I wanted to talk to you about was that I watched your meeting with Ms. Gloom, and quite frankly I was not impressed." Vivi, getting over the shock of what just happened to her, looked down in shame before looking back up in confusion.

"Wait, how did you see that, where were you?" Vivi asked.

Robin chuckled to herself before answering. "After I told you how I came under your power I am surprised you don't look for hands or eyes in ceilings or walls more often. I am there more often than you would think." Robin chuckled at admitting this, and looked at Vivi. Vivi chuckled back, a bit of worry in her voice, before Robin continued.

"I knew Ms. Gloom was a better negotiator than you, her being so experienced, but you got thrown off way too easily by the fact that she gave you what you needed. I know I said don't use your powers if you didn't need to, but that is not all there is to you Miss Wednesday. There is so much more, you are stronger than that. It is why I follow you, you taught me that. Then again, you are young, you will learn, I told myself that. I had calmed down from you getting flustered, and letting Ms. Gloom control the conversation till you were leaving, and let Ms. Gloom get in the last word. Twice." Robin paused and thought about what to say next.

"I want you to always remember Miss Wednesday, the last word is the most important word. It is what people always will always remember about a conversation. It is your duty, as a future queen to get in the last word always."

Robin looked at Vivi like a disappointed parent and it made Vivi feel horrible. She had not felt like this in a long time, not since her dad caught her trying to sneak into a major meeting with the leader of Drum Island and warned Vivi that if she did anything like that again, there might be a war between the two nations. Vivi looked away from Robin in shame and then felt a little tug from her hand. Vivi looked up and saw the man she had tied up looking distraught and whimpering, trying to walk away. Vivi looked at the man and sighed.

Robin followed Vivi's eyes and looked at the man tied up. "Now that I have discussed you and Ms. Gloom, I want to compliment you on how you handled the first of these two", Robin paused for a second trying to think of the right word to describe these two would be slavers. They were lesser than Vivi, and Robin wanted to get that point across, without making it too obvious, Robin didn't want to totally cut Vivi's connection to her people, the commoners, but she needed to raise Vivi up above them in Vivi's mind. Finally, the word came to Robin and she continued her assessment, "plebeians, who tried to jump you and Mr. 9." Pleased with the word choice, Robin continued.

"You stayed calm and moved into position well. You got your weapons ready and attacked without hesitation, like I said, I was very proud of you. It seems your practices with Mr. 8 were well worth your time." Robin stared at the man, still tied up, who started to scream for help from Robin. Robin scowled at him and the man stopped, before starting to whimper again.

Robin then continued her assessment, after looking down at the man whose neck she had snapped. "This man was able to get a jump on you. I watched him and could tell right away that you were too preoccupied with your apparent victory. Miss Wednesday, you will have many victories, but make sure everything is fine before you celebrate them. I want you to keep in mind that you always need to know your surroundings and keep an eye on the area around you. While I will always try to be there for you, and I promise, I will always try, there may come a time when I am not there. Don't let that be your last moments, I don't know what I would do if you were gone." Robin's voice became sad with the last sentence she had said to Vivi. She then looked back at the man tied up. She was now going to give Vivi a chance to prove herself, to see how strong she was now.

"All that said, I will leave the final decision of this man up to you. Miss Wednesday, what do you want to do with him?" Robin asked Vivi motioning towards the man.

Vivi wanted to hypnotize the man, to put him under, and make him as much putty in her hands as Mr. 9 was. She had been wanting to show her power ever since Ms. Gloom had humbled her, but couldn't, and now she knew why. That would not be what Robin wanted. Robin was testing Vivi, to see if she could show strength without hypnosis, that was the whole point of her telling her not to in the letter, Vivi realized that now.

So she stared at the man, he knew who she was, he knew she was using a fake name, he had made a threat that he would sell her, like a slave, and worst of all, he had seen her be embarrassed by Ms. Gloom. He was blubbering about how it was the other guy's fault, that he really loved the princess, that he had a family, and any other lie he could think of to save his skin. Vivi looked over at Robin, and her mind went back to what Robin had just said, about how important it is to get in the last word.

"Get in the last word.", Vivi said, a smile growing on her face. This caused Robin to smile in response, happy that the lesson she had wanted to be learned had been learned. Robin was certain, almost hopeful, that she knew what the princess was about to order.

"Do it again." Vivi ordered. The man started to whimper, and Vivi ignored it, a smile forming on her face. Vivi flicked her right wrist and the peacock slasher untied itself.

Vivi turned around and started to walk away, kicking at Mr. 9 and telling him to get off the ground. The man, whom Vivi had just released from her Peacock Slasher, saw arms come out of his shoulders and Robin said her attack.


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