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What goes through a Kings mind when facing his own execution.
Shadows of the Guillotine

In my cell I wait for death
As time itself takes a breath
Summoning forth my final day
Alone I sit, alone I pray.
On my knees i convulse with fear
Shaking and broken the time is near.
My final day, a sentence due
The blade and I must see this through.
In the distance I hear their steps
Against my will I face my debt
Bested by their violent hand
A true fight for life, I made my stand.
Into the tunnel I am lead
The mob assembles, they want me dead.
Looking out I feel their rage
As I'm dragged upon the stage.
I kick and fight til I can't no more
Timber and steel prepare for war
This mechanism of pain and death
My head surrendered, I take a breath
I close my eyes one last time
I think about what's left behind.
The pin removed, the blade it drops
Within a moment my Heart it stops.
My body defiled, a soul set free
The people have spoken,good bye King Louie.
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